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This tearjerker is the classic "The Notebook" type film. Do I really need to say more. Its good yall! Check it out.
@crystalskull I know right?! I felt the exact same after watching it. Such a mix of emotions running through you. beautiful and yet also heart-wrenching.
@Misabel13 glad it wasn't typical hollywood love movie but the reality based story.and it makes it much more compelling.i watched it last was cute and endearing.this movie shred me tears.and i've no words to explain what m feeling right now..
finally!!watched it last doubt Nicholas Sparks is an amazing author..his stories are so heartwarming.what an amazing movie..just plain and simply b' beautiful love can's an awesome but what makes it INCREDIBLE is it's based on true story.what makes it more inspiring..
the characters were well chosen(Rachel Mcadams and Channing)! and they did a superb job.this movie gives good'd left' me with((goosebumps))....i literally cried throughout most of this movie(some scenes were VERY touching.)i couldn't hold my tears back even if i tried.CAN'T EXPLAIN what i was feeling?i loved the connection between the main characters.i think this movie was turned out really good!and touched me soo deeply.i really enjoyed this.although it was a quite sad in places.and the ending wasn't what i was hoping for..but wish the ending was a little different..but STILL it was a good ending and more realistic in the end.after watching it m SPEECHLESS!it wasn't like average romance chick flick type.
imo worth the watch if you're ready for a DOSE of REALITY and LOVE!
Overall this was a very sweet love story type of movie.
i WISH relationships today were more strong like this movie.
highly RECOMMENDED to those fond of love tragedies or just watching movies about PURE and ESSENTIAL love!
I liked this film, thought it was really good and moving. I think the actors really convey their feelings in a compelling and believable way. Interesting that it was based on a true story!
Love Rachel McAdams!
Had to watch this film before going to sleep, Sweet $ sad, Based on true events. The end was original. It could of been slightly longer, Overall good. A film i would recommend to watch :):):)
so sad, he really loved her. and it was a true story.
Well I was going to watch this, but now I know how it ends?

I liked it. The ending could have been better though, other than that it was pretty good.

same thing actually! i was expecting a powerful ending! but il's a good movie though!

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