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@motherboard Oh YES!! This was Absofreakinglutely awesome scary film!!! Good cast too!!! Good for a many watch for I have seen this many times!!! 10/10 Cheers..
7/10 that was intense and a good follow up from "it follows" just down right creepy
I enjoyed it but was pretty slow in the begining. 5.5 out 10 rating.
Let me give you fair warning... This movie is Horrible. It had the makings of what could have been, but leads up to what is pretty much a hilarious take on a horror movie. What's really sad about this, is that the actors did an ok job, but just everything else was so far below standard,

The one highlight is towards the very end, where the graphics seem to take it up another level.

But trust me, this is a laugh fest for most of it.

The movie call "Unborn" is really scary, and awsome. I like the part about the strange zombies coming.

THE UNBORN is an effective supernatural chiller that's as scary as it is thought-provoking. David S. Goyer (the scribe behind BATMAN BEGINS and part of THE DARK KNIGHT) is the publicity draw for the film, as well as the newcomer Odette Yusman, who shares a close resemblance with Megan Fox of TRANSFORMERS (may be intended) and Cam Gigandet, the villain from TWILIGHT. Another familiar face is Meagan Good of WAIST DEEP, STOMP THE YARD and sadly ONE MISSED CALL and the always great Gary Oldman from ORDER OF THE PHOENIX and both of the BATMAN movies.

What is unfamiliar about this film is that the film's focus of the supernatural isn't sensationalistic, it's actually grounded in mystical myth. In addition, the scares that are on display here are disturbing and goose-bump inducing. The existence of the spirit is suprisingly believable, up until the point where it goes beserk.

"Some people are doorways."

Casey is an attractive college student who enjoys running and spending time with her best friend Romy, who believes strongly in the supernatural, and her boyfriend Mark. One day she's jogging and she sees strange images and walks into the wood to find something in the ground...She's also a babysitter, and she gets more than she bargained for in her job when the oldest boy bashes her on the head with a mini-mirror and says "He wants to be born now."

Later on, Casey goes about her daily life. She continues to see glimpses of a ghostly boy in mirrors and is puzzling over his identity and the reason why she sees him. Casey lets her closest friends know about them, with which Romy believes to be a hostile spirit and gets Casey to go visit a hospital, the same one where her mother stayed...Casey's dad says she had a twin who died in childbirth, which explains why Casey's left iris is changing color. Through a series of equally fortunate and unfortunate events, the background and the existence of the spirit is revealed, where Casey has to push against a supernatural force that has been around for quite some time.

From here, THE UNBORN brings its juicy plot points to the surface and allows us to ponder the reasons behind them, all the while scaring us with jumpy and goose-bump inducing and disturbing scares. This film is a fine display of the young talents of Odette Yusman and Cam Gigandet, with the rest of the cast delivering just as solid a performance. The highlight of them all is Gary Oldman, no suprise there, as the Rabbi Sendak. All in all, THE UNBORN is an effective supernatural chiller that's as scary as it is thought-provoking. Be ready for more Critiques and Opinions on Every Game and Movie I Can Get My Hands On
This movie didn't have anything really wrong with it nor did it have anything really good about it. It hugged the middle of the fence. It was an icon of mediocre. Not good, not bad. But a meh. it's like a sandwich without meat or a condiment. Just fluff. It was surprisingly short- that was the only note worthy thing about this movie. Oh, yeah, it tries to throw a twist ending. Which was about as transparent as a sandwich bag.

Watch the matinee if it costs no more than five. If it does, bootleg it or better yet, don't waste your time. Go in and sneak into another movie you've already seen before.

Oh, it was better than The Spirit and The Day The Earth Stood Still.
I started the new year in theaters on today thinking that 2009 would be an amazing year in film. The Unborn makes me not only loose faith in modern film, but question how anyone gets casted in another movie after something like that. Maybe there is a cult somewhere where people worship bad movies. This is the second worst film I have ever watched.
All the good, scary parts to this movie were shown within the trailers! I HATE that! The ending was predictable and didn't leave me wanting more. If your a younger teen, this may be your movie. Otherwise just wait for the dvd.
At almost every scary part, instead of a jump, the whole theater erupted in laughter, this movie is seriously a joke. I feel bad for the actors because they did a pretty decent job, but that was all masked by the rest of the horrible movie. Don't see it if you want a scary movie, you'll find a comedy instead. Actually, just don't go see it.
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