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The Time Traveler's Wife 2009

A romantic drama about a Chicago librarian with a gene that causes him to involuntarily time travel, and the complications it creates for his marriage...

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Imdb rating: 7.1

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One of the best movies that this 53 y/o has ever seen. Right up in the top 5 of all time great ones. I've seen a LOT of them in my life too, as a broadcast engineer for a network television has been my job for a very long time. Have no worry about spending the money even to add this one to your collection. As it would be money well spent.
Thanks for letting me watch this beautiful movie which i was neglecting from long time, guys your comments helped a lot... :)
Real timeless classic, a movie that I thought I would hate, but I gave it a chance and now I love it, originally watched it on TV, so I had to come back and watch it again. Eric Banna gives an Oscar worthy performance in this!
@mg_nificent MGM-your review was awesome too! Btw your and JunoS's thoughts, think I'll bail on this one. Thanks :)
an excellent MOVIE!!!!!!!!! Gives you goosebumps and a good dose of heart ache...........I only watched this due the comments i read, and i'm glad i did!!
9.5 GREAT MOVIE!! GREAT LOVE STORY!! Keep you wondering what going happen Next!
One of my girl-pals comes over for an evening, wants to watch this film. She invites me to watch it, the film has ‘time travel’, so I might like it...
Fifteen minutes into the depravity of all common sense, my friend is bawling her eyes out, and doesn’t stop. She then duly informs me, that my reactions are shocking for – I am not crying at all. ( I am huffing, looking at my watch)
So...because of the 107 minutes of personal suffering and the most ridiculous film in everness, and because I find the idea of a grown person telling a child that they are the one (in whichever time zone) a tad gross – I rate this 1/10. Never again am I being dragged into watching a girly film. That’s a promise.
Eric Bana is such a talented actor and Arliss Howard playing his dad does a fine job too. But the character of Rachel McAdams is unbelievable. I do not know the book plot, but this fails as a movie. To hear McAdams say she wouldn't choose any other life but the one she's had with her regularly not-there husband made me choke. And not with tears. What the film shows clearly is the misery this man suffers physically and emotionally due to his rare "time-traveling gene." A novel twist on the genre. Arliss Howard speaks the most truthful, bitter words in the film when Bana tells him he is marrying. "Why would anybody want you?" He is literally an invisible man for days or weeks at a time. He time travels naked and has to break in to stores to get clothes while he "visits" the other times he inhabits. He has no control over when he leaves, though he repeatedly visits places where people he loves exists, an interesting part of the tale. He ends up with a daughter who time travels, but knows how to control her disappearances. This part makes the film annoying. Why can't she teach her father the trick? I suppose the moral of the story is that love is the only thing that keeps us anchored in time, place and emotion. But in less than two hours I was tired of this man's comings and goings and could not believe those involved in his life, no matter how good he was, or how loving, could not have given up either after decades of his slipping away. This was like loving an alcoholic who never stops drinking. I suppose we are supposed to feel sorry for the character, and you can't help but feel sorry. But his comings and goings were emotionally draining and destructive. A better title would have been "The Time Traveler's Life," because his life affects everyone around him. I think I need to read the book to see what was lost or gained in this adaptation.
this movie made me hate myself for watching it till the end. how twisted someone's mind has to be to come up with this idea ? and it earned 94mln world wide! i don't know .... i need some time to cope with this. this movie creates new genre "pedophiliac sci-fi absurdram" known also as "waterfall of bullshit".
After finishing the book i thought it would be a good idea to watch this film. i was still on a high of how good the book was. What a bad idea this was. it was boring, it missed loads of things out and it has ruined the book for me know when i think of Henry all i can see is Eric Bana's face. Also they had Claire all wrong they made her look perfetic in the movie just a stupid girl but in the book she is a smart, strong women. I don't blame the actors there acting was solid. They just didn't translate it to film well.
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