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The thing called love ... a corny title, but quite fitting for this movie.

Put River Phoenix aside, and the movie would have been just as good. In fact, this is not one of his best movies. But you have to look at the whole picture.

It's a chickflick, plain as that. If we would put the entire story of the movie into one single sentence ...

"Girl moves to Nashville to become famous, and ends up with two guys falling in love with her."

One out of the dozen, if I must say so.

So, why do I give this thing a rating of 7? Because it has got a certain charm. That whole charm of making country music, living country music, is in it.

Honestly said, I've seen much worse.

The music is just wonderful, only a shame that they didn't put the movie versions of the songs on the OST.

Samantha Mathis and River Phoenix are not on their best, but still ... they pull it off.

Sandra Bullock's last movie before she became famous with Speed. (Ah, I knew it!)

Want lovecrazy, singing cowboys, longing for fame and a hit single, with the usual blonde chick thrown in? This one is for you.

Charming little sucker, this one. You'll find yourself singing along to the songs in no time.

The movie is a 7's good, but...River is a 10.

R.I.P-River Phoenix (1970-1993)

This is a re-review for me. I wasn't really impressed the first time I saw it (almost 3 years ago) but, I decided to just watch it again since I was going through some DVDs. On the second viewing, I liked it a lot more than before. Strong cast and Phoenix and Mulroney give solid performances that really do help the movie. A film with heart that doesn't seem to "trick" you into liking it.
this movie makes you feel like getting up on stage and having a go ,your taken along with these trying songwriters and experience some very real truths about life.the music is awsome and the actors are in masterclass form .enjoy :)
**1/2 (out of four)

Interesting, but hollow look at three young people who move to Nashville in an attempt to make it in the tough world of country western music. Nice performances, but it seems way too chic. A much better look at the country world is Altman's "Nashville".
maybe not one of rivers best but the chemistry and intensity is definitely there between him and samantha mathis(a consistent good actress and highly underated). the plot is interesting and engaging. the acting sadly is sometimes off on river's part because of his drug troubles off screen. sadly you can see it diminish his acting. he is not as sharp as his earlier acting but he is still strong in his abilities. I enjoy samantha in indies like this and freak city much much better than the horrid and overblown action fiasco-broken arrow. I think she took it just for a pay check more than anything else. the ending of this seems a little tacked on to please people but overall the movie is worth checking out just to see young actor(sandra bullock,dermont mulroney, samantha and river) taking an indie chance in their careers so I have respect for that.
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