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The Thing 2011

At an Antarctica research site, the discovery of an alien craft leads to a confrontation between graduate student Kate Lloyd and scientist Dr. Sander Halvorson...

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Ah, yes, but the original was based off of the short story published in 1938, and the alien was a plant that fed on blood. The backdrops are the same; the isolation of the arctic north, but the changing the alien into a doppleganger totally changed the psychology of the movie. Now, not only are you isolated and cut off from any chance of outside intervention, but any one of your most trusted colleagues could now have murderous intent.
Yup! They did the best they could at making it the same scene, even. Crazy Swede shootin at a dog from a helicopter.
@Darthintrepid WOW I forgot about that.
The end being of this film is the beginning of John Carpenter's The Thing 1982 starring Kurt Russel. Thanks for pointing that out.
James Arness (Actor, The Thing from Another World (1951))
@1shotdeal The Thing from Another World (1951)
The ending isn't actually an ending, it's the beginning of the original (with Kurt Russell). This was a great way to make reboot, and a prequel at the same time. I still have yet to watch them consecutively, I may just do that this weekend.
Alien spaceship crashes into Antarctica 100,00 years ago, and is discovered by a group of researchers, along with a body of an alien trapped inside the ice. They unearth the creature, and things begin going wrong very quickly. A fun weekend horror flick, some good scares and effects shots, and blood and gore of course. 8/10

Yes watch Putlocker-Pikup 1999. It's HD quality and sound!!! Just uploaded this morning!!

Pikup 1999 (Putlocker) Had HD quality!! Very awesome movie!! 8/10

Stop arguing, this isn't a chat site... If you would like to argue then please PM each other, do not spam.

It's looking more like a month

was just as good as the first movie :) like it!!

Not English

Finally found a better working video of "The Thing" only prob was that most of the movie was shot in dark rooms and it was really hard to tell what was going on :(

Bah..well,i have tried this movie on 2 diff websites and it keeps pausing every few seconds so i will wait til a better one comes along.Anyone else having this problem too

the movie keeps pausing for some reason :(

was a good movie.. but nothing beats the 1980's version :) :) in my opinion

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