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The Thing 2011

At an Antarctica research site, the discovery of an alien craft leads to a confrontation between graduate student Kate Lloyd and scientist Dr. Sander Halvorson...

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Solar rating: 7.8


Imdb rating: 6.3

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Excellent. Watch The Thing 1982 right after this which continues where this leaves off. You'll recognize lots in it from this one. Nice touch. :-)
saw it in cinema on release, and it scared the sh!t out of me, literally. went out to the toilet and accidentaly went thru a oneway exit door and lost the last 15 minutes of the movie.. im a moron.
Cool. A welcomed prequel :)
not as good as the original made with a tenth of the budget but worth a few watches..7/10
Classic but i hate Aliens and Zombies movies and Monsters too 4/10
Very good movie. Better than the 1951 version but not quite as good as the 1982 version
The Original is one of my favourite horror films, creeped me out, and so did this one. This version is just as hide your eyes and peak through your fingers good. Sleeping with the light on tonight. 8/10
The original has always been in my Top Ten fav horror films since i was little so had to go see this in theaters and will say i was rather impressed i had already knew wouldn't be as good as the first but as i was glad to see did the original much justice 7.5/10
Magnificently done ending. How it effectively ties into the 80's film.
Great watch.
I never knew a prequel was made until tonight...The story in this movie was very close to a Playstation 2 game that was made in 2002(even though the game was made as a sequel)....I enjoyed this movie 6.8/10
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