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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 1986

A radio host is victimized by the cannibal family as a former Texas Marshall hunts them...

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Texas Chainsaw Massacure 2 is good but not that good. My favorite part is the barbaque cook off, and the great acceptance speach. Dose anyone else think the old dude with the rabit teeth looks like Mr. Rogers? I do..

If you want to see something borderlining on corny get this one.
Don't like!
I had heard and read that the sequel to Tobe Hooper's classic and maniacal horror show was mostly a load of garbage. My guess now is that it was probably compared too much to the original, which couldn't be more pointless, as they are so completely different in tone Despite being possessed by the original's sense of relentless and nausea-inducing insanity, the sequel is more a member of the "gonzo macabre" genre, and has more in common with 1980s splatter comedies like Sam Raimi's "Evil Dead" films than with the original Chainsaw. And, as far as my experience with the genre goes, along with probably Evil Dead 2, TCM2 has got to be the deliriously demented crown jewel of the bunch. The film goes so ridiculously and beautifully over the top, and contains so many perversely funny and twisted scenes and moments I actually felt like my eyes were going to pop out of my head while I watched it. And it's directed and acted like a sonuvabitch. So, if you like this kind of stuff, and have a strong stomach, highly recommended. Make sure you do see the original first though.

PRIMUS FANS TAKE NOTE: The line "dog will hunt!" in the band's song "Jerry was a Racecar Driver" is, I believe, sampled from dialogue in this film.
Awful follow-up to 1974 cult hit returns the murderous family of cannibals, this time going after a radio deejay who broadcast an audio recording of a murder they committed. The usually exuberant Hopper has a thankless and wholly uninteresting role as a southern sheriff with an appetite for destruction. Tom Savini's revolting special effects are a bit too much; remember, the first "Texas Chainsaw" got its chills through subtlety.

A zany over the top follow up to the amazing original. This movie just didn't do very much for me. The acting was bad, and the story was just plain awful. The only reason I gave this movie a 3 was for the effects of Tom Savini, and the few moments of tension it actually generated.

The main problem was the lack of story. To much time was filled by three things.....1) Leatherface waving his chainsaw around while standing still doing a silly little dance. 2) The female lead screaming and screaming and screaming without actually running away. 3) Lefty (hopper) using his chainsaw to damage the evil families lair while wondering aimlessly. Watch the movie and you'll see exactly what I mean.

Way to many plot holes. Would a girl scared for her life who just came face to face with Leatherface and couldn't stop screaming immediately get into her truck and follow them? Don't think so. If you were going after this family would you bring a couple of chainsaws to match what they had?? I don't think so, your ass would get some heavy fire power so the chainsaw getting close to you wouldn't even be an issue.

To many things like this hamper The Texas Chainsaw Massacre II and keep it from being a good movie. Actually they make it a bad movie.

well as you all know by my favorite horror films of all time list that i am a fan of this series. this movie was more then i was looking forward when i started watching it. there was enough gore to last a canabal in the middle of a farm full of beef, years of delectable people morsils. lol. i think this movies cast was excelent, it included denis hopper, and a bunch of other people whos carrers as actors didnt last very long after the 80's ended. this movie kind of follows up the story of the first film. the main problem was that instead of taking place on a old farm where the macbre murderers would lure young victums to there deaths. These murders took place in an abandon theme park. and instead of luring there victums in, the victums willingly follow the murderers into there hell house. besides those flaws the movie is full of blood, blood, and even more blood. one of the best scenes in the movie was about leatherface putting a human flesh mask on a woman that is freshly cut off one of his victums. this movie was full of dark humor and hijynx anyone coud apreciate. this movie gets a 6 out of ten because it could have used a bit more plot and a bit more horror to make it a perfect 10.
when i pick a Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie to watch, it is always this one.

Choptop...i love you!!
this film may be nasty but it was still okay.
Saturday, Sept 30, 2006-final Day/Horrorthon Warmup '06
91. Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. (1986) A hellish nightmare that takes place partly in a radio station? Hell, I'm there! Awesomely good sequel to the original classic. THE highlight of my movie watching weekend. I liked it much more than last year (when I had a problem with Hopper and the reimaging of the famed "dinner scene", I had no such problems this time). I do advise that fans of the original not view these one after the other or TCM2 will come of as lacking. But in itself it's a damn good horror movie. Uncomfortable at times and oddly funny too! I love the DJ lady and her engineer. Awesome! 8/10

** I started the Horrorthon on Sunday morning. It went pretty good. Reviews coming up. **
Texas radio DJ Vantia 'Stretch' Brock (Caroline Williams) has a pair of annoying callers one night who are holding up the station's phone line with their obscene comments and what not. Shortly after calling again, the pair are hacked to death by a chainsaw wielding maniac, while their death is aired on the airwaves as it occurs. Afterwards, Lieutenant 'Lefty' Enright (Dennis Hopper), who was related to some of the victims of the first film, asks Stretch to play the recording of the two men's death over and over again on her show, to see if it will draw the murderers out of hiding. Soon Stretch is terrorized by the cannibalistic family, and Lefty makes his move to avenge his families murders.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 was made 12 years after the groundbreaking original film. Now I'm pretty sure the film could have been different than it actually is, but I find that it is nearly perfect the way it turned out. A sequel could have been dished out a few years after the original, but the time off seemed to work for this follow-up film. While it is a direct sequel, it also works as a stand alone film.

The casting of Dennis Hopper is pure genius. The man has done a lot of interesting roles in his career, but none as audacious as this one. While watching the film, I found that Sheriff Wydell (William Forsythe) from Rob Zombie's The Devil's Rejects was very similar to Hopper's Lefty, not to mention a couple other similarities the two films have with each other.

Caroline Williams is excellent as the female lead being tormented by this family. B-grade legend Bill Moseley is really creepy as the metal plated Chop Top. Bill Johnson, while nowhere near as great as Gunnar Hansen, makes an interesting Leatherface. This time Leatherface is given more human emotion than the first film. And it was great to see Jim Siedow return as the father of the clan.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 is one of those rare horror sequels that doesn't live up to its predecessor's thrills, but still manage to emerge as a superior horror film of its own. If the first Texas Chainsaw Massacre was about the inhuman acts these monsters brought onto the world, then The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 is all for allowing the world to throw it right back in their face. The film is exciting, and generates some genuine scares at times. All in all, this film is great scary fun
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