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The Terminator 1984

A human-looking indestructible cyborg is sent from 2029 to 1984 to assassinate a waitress, whose unborn son will lead humanity in a war against the machines, while a soldier from that war is sent to protect her at all costs...

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This was a great movie for its time.
Excellent classic SiFi 9/10
@imTrickzter, Search Terminator 5, on iMDb.
Too bad Arnold does not do these movies any more, I will miss them very much.
Not as good as the other 2 but still a good movie.
The Terminator Is A Piece Of Work That Has Its Comic Ways Like When Arnold Says F*** You A**hole To The Janitor Tee-Hee
Imagine my glee when Mrs. Sea admitted that she'd never seen any of the Terminator movies! "That's it", says I, "I'm rentin' them all!"

That gave me the opportunity to watch the original for the first time in several years. It was really like seeing it again for the first time. Effects are weak by todays standards, and the story drags at times, but the premise stands up and the movie is pretty fun. 6/10 from Mrs. Sea, who noticed that punk #2 was played by a young Bill Paxton! (we re-wound it 3 times and I still didn't recognize him).

The Terminator
Director: James Cameron
Players: Arnold Schwarzennager, Michel Beihn, Linda Hamilton
Science Fiction- OK you can all crucify me for saying this, but if The Terminator was a slice of cheese it would Havarti. I have tried, honestly, three times to sit through this movie. I finally manged on the third viewing, but I was not impressed. I had heard it had an excellent story, one so good it would more than compensate for the movie's other shortcomings. But to me the script was just another shortcoming. I know what to expect from Cameron screenplays: lots of naughty words to fill in the gaps of otherwise dead silence and not much else in terms of dialogue. But I find his formula crappy. And the way he always uses he-men leads is also really annoying. I personally can't stand Ahnold. He has no acting ability and he looks like a piece of plastic. To make matters worse, the effects in this movie are terrible
So here's the dish on its weak plot. A machine is sent back in time from a machine dominated future to kill the woman whose son would be the leader of the revolution against the machines. OK so far so good. This machine, called the Terminator (played by Ahnold) has a human opponent sent back in time by the resistance to save the woman. The Terminator goes after them, lots of violence, the woman and the man have sex, and then they destroy the machine, but the man gets killed in the process. What I dont get about that is that if he was killed in the past how could he have existed in the future to have even been sent back in the first place?! SO the threat is gone, the lady gets pregnant, and her son will become the resistance leader. Woopedy Doo. I saw the "surprise ending" miles before it happened. I was really, and I mean really, disappointed by what the Terminator looked like when his skin melted off. I even think I saw a string! He was never scary (Ahnold was, but not in the intended way), just fake. And as for the overall story, well, it was okay, but nothing new to me (I'm a big SF buff). I have seen worse, I will concede that.
And just to make matters worse, th movie is cursed with a soundtrack from hell! Little 80s honking noises and big techno cacaphonies all roll together to create one of the biggest headaches I've ever gotten.
But as I said before, I have seen worse, and i won't deny that on my final viewing my attention was kept because I wanted to see the Terminator's metal body. But it's to me not as good as I had heard. Maybe for its time, but some movies just dont age well. And niether does Ahnold haha. (R)
-reviewed by Samurai Sword
I recently made my roommate watch this (finally). It is easily one of my all time favorites. Cameron's first of several masterpieces. I hate it when people give any credit to Schwarzenegger for this movie. He plays an important role but the movie is what makes him great.

Anyway, it quickly puts you into the story and slowly reveals everything that's going on. The action scenes are all amazing (sometimes in their simplicity) and work perfectly to keep everything intense as the plot unfolds. The story is interesting and thoughtful, the action is intense and adsorbing, the execution keeps everything together and reveals the events beautifully, and the characters are all interesting, well developed, and realistic. I can't praise this movie enough.

I, personally, don't like it when people reguard T2 as superior so easily. I generally prefer T2, but these films are very close and both masterpieces.

The ironic twist of Sarah thinking of Kyle at the end when the picture is taken makes it my favorite ending ever. (Since Kyle always wondered what Sarah was thinking right then.)
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