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The Sword in the Stone 1963

The wizard Merlin teaches a young boy who is destined to be King Arthur...

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Deep down inside I get this feeling
Feeling of guilt
Feeling of regretfulness
Maybe I should have done things differently
or maybe it wasn't meant to be no matter what
Deep down inside I try
I really do
To feel better about what was said
What was done
Not much was done actually
Just lots of talk
But the guilt of my effort is what hurts
The regret is from what I think I should have done differently
Deep down inside I feel things could have been done better.

Today's Eternal Thought:
Charlotte: I just don't know what I'm supposed to be.
Bob: You'll figure that out. The more you know who you are, and what you want, the less you let things upset you. --Lost in Translation (2003)

The Sword in the Stone is one of the most awe inspiring animated films of all time. The design, story, voice acting, make it so. The animation is lacking, but not too much.

The scenes wich show the sword itself are the best. They give a wonderful sense of scale and wonder. The traditional opening with a storybook is one of the best in a Disney film.

See it, and enjoy it.

The Sword and the Stone is the story of King Arthur as a child from a Disney point of view. Arthur, or Wart, is an adopted youth who has no greater ambition then to become a squire. England does not currently have a ruler per se, and since there is no king the lands have become law less, and the people have are now scared. Arthur, in one of his adventures as a squire in training, finds himself wondering through the woods looking for a lost arrow. That is where he meets Merlin the magician. Merlin recognizes Arthur's potential, however, Arthur, at eleven years of age, is behind in his education. Merlin's goal is to educate Arthur and help him reach his potential.

"I intended to eat him. Young perch is my favorite dish."

Wolfgang Reitherman, director of Lady and the Tramp, Sleeping Beauty, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Cinderella, Dumbo, Fantasia, Pinocchio, and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs directs the Sword and the Stone. Reitherman had a marvelous and legendary story to work with. A key to the film was going beyond the story everyone knows. Disney seems to be able to work an animal story into every film, whether it is relevant to the plot or not; Sword and the Stone is no different. Disney injected several animal sequences in Arthur's training regimens. Merlin also had a pet owl named Archimedes who was a key cog to the films success.

"You see, I am a horrible, old, grouchy, old man!"

My favorite sequences in the film were the training scenes. The scene with the fish under water, the squirrels in the trees and the bird sequence are very entertaining. Archimedes carried several portions of the film and was one of my favorite characters. The wolf in the woods reminded me of Wild E. Coyote. The Sword and the Stone had a feel, to me, of a lighter, happier, more subtle version of the Black Cauldron. I like both films a lot, though Sword and the Stone does receive better reviews.

"Confound it, confound it all."

What is Archimedes doing under water wrestling with that fish? I did say Sword and Stone is a well reviewed film, however, it does not get the recognition of Cinderella, Bambi, or Snow White. I love Sword and the Stone; I believe it is better then Alice in Wonderland, but still a second tier Disney film behind the three mentioned above along with Jungle Book, Lion King, Lady and the Tramp, Pinocchio, and Peter Pan. I would place Sword and the Stone along the lines of Lilo and Stitch, Black Cauldron, and Sleeping Beauty.

"An educated owl?"

Grade: A-
The Disney version of the King Arthur legend isn't a bad version, but it's definitely not among the better versions of the tale to be done. Merlin as a time traveling, shape shifting, seer is amusing. The Arthur character, even after being crowned, never amounts to more than a weak, skinny little whiner. The music is cute, but not of the high caliber that Disney is known for, even at the time of this films release. Even the animation is little more than average for the time and certainly by the standards set by previous Disney films to this feature.
:fresh: This film is underappreciated because it's funny, the characters are all good, specialy Merlin and Madame Min and of course the wonderful duel, the adventures in the water, in the trees and in the wind are wonderful. There was a lot of imagination on Merlin tricks. I accept this film destroyed the legend of King Arthur because it's adapted to children. Anyway, I didn't care about that and I've enjoyed watching this film for years. My favorite.
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