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The Sweetest Thing 2002

A girl finds she is forced to educate herself on the etiquette of wooing the opposite sex when she finally meets Mr. Right...

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Here I'll go over some new movies that I want to see - possibly in theaters. I've also listed (below) new movies that I'll just wait to see on HBO - or MAX for that matter - because there's a chance they won't be worth the time. Well, all film is worth SOME time... except maybe Cyborg. Cyborg isn't worth crap :p.

I can't wait to see The Station Agent because it totally looks like something that I might write/direct (that's why I love the Coen Bros. so much!).
Kill Bill: Volume II I don't need to say anything about... Of COURSE I can't wait for it.
The Cooler looks decent, but I can't resist Macy (my favorite actor!), especially in a lead role.
The Passion is one I've been waiting for for a long time. Mel Gibson's desire to tell this story is strong, and I'm sure it'll pull through with immense power.
Dorm Daze just looks plain funny. Lampoon can go either way, though.
The Punisher is probably going to be like a vice for me, because I like Travolta and Thomas Jane is my second favorite actor!
Wonderland looks great, despite the bad reviews, and I like Val Kilmer a lot.
Gothika reminds me of William Malone, who is underappreciated for his wonderful campiness, and the movie looks like it would be a lot of fun to see.
Lost in Translation looks like such a wonderful, wonderful film, and I am very interested to see what Sophia Coppola can do (I haven't seen Virgin Suicides).

New movies I'll see on HBO

The Last Samurai
The Polar Express
Mystic River
The Butterfly Effect
Something's Gotta Give
Stuck on You
Big Fish


Well today has certainly (I say 'certainly' a lot*) been a roller coaster. It started off normally enough... heading off to class. Michelle didn't show - maybe she doesn't have class on Thursday. The teacher didn't show either... for the second time in a row. We read a student's story anyway. Carina came in late, and took off early. I cought up to her, but I was totally getting the vibe that she no longer wanted anything to do with me. I won't get into many details in this journal, because I want to keep it public and some of this is to be left confidential. Anyways, things went on, and Carina and I had our first hardcore moment of truth with each other. It turned out well, and both of us found ourselves in a position of blame, so we moved on. I went to her place, we chilled, we went to Pirate's Den (best restaurant in Miami, even though the live music is too loud - I had actually been there a just a few hours earlier with my dad :) ). At the Den, Carina wanted to ask something of a drunk guy, so she pinched his shoulder... no response. She pinched and pinched and he just didn't notice! Hillarious stuff, man... hillarious stuff. We came back to my place, chilled some more and I took her home. It's so great to see things going better for her.

*I also say 'articulate' a lot.

PS... does anyone know anything about the movie Trapped in Paradise? Dana Carvey, Jon Lovitz, Nicolas Cage, and other actors whose names I've forgotten make it seem like it'd be pretty good.

I dont like chick flicks as a rule, but as I got this one free I thought I may as well check it out. It was okay. It made me dance to the shop down the street afterwards so I guess it wasnt all bad, but it was predictable and bland. One thing I didnt understand was how she went from being a game-playing tough nut to going soppy over a guy she meets for 10 minutes. Okay, so she's sick of the game, thats established later, but it still doesnt fully explaing the sudden character change. Its ok for if your bored, but I wouldnt pay any money to see it.
I love this movie! I find it extraordinarily entertaining! :P
On the other hand, it's not the best movie ever lol
This was a stinkin' hilarious movie and the humor was real!! I loved how it was from the viewpoint of a woman instead of the usual guy thing. My girlfriends and I watch this all the time and especially love the song, just for laughs!
No redeeming value. The most unfunny comedy I have ever seen. I wanted to kill my self. The only film I have ever seen that I couldn't sit all the way through. I ended it with about 15 min left. Me just talking about it makes me mad and homicidal.

no stars/****
corny and dumb
i totally wouldn't watch this movie again. it lost my attention quite a few times, and i didn't even watch the end because it wasn't that great. i really wouldn't recommend it for anyone, unless you like retarted movies. so... yeah, that's about it. ttyl
review to come
So, I know some people that are just the character's in the movie. Maybe that is why I like the movie so much.
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