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How did yuu lot watch the film..... there's no links to watch it on.... i wanted to watch it with my baby sis but cnt...sumwun tell me plz how to watch it...

I am so happy! I just got the White Stripes album (the one they released like 2 years ago or something, but hey, I'm a late developer! lol). I love Seven Nation Army.
Just started reading Babel Tower by A.S. Byatt. It is such an absorbing and striking novel, I definitely reccommend it!
And does anyone else thing Jaime Foxx might be getting the Best Actor Oscar next year??

Movie Ratings:
The Curse Of The Jade Scorpion - :rotten: 5/10
Not an overly funny movie, but it has its moments. A good premise, but it drags on for way too long. Woody Allen is his usual bumbling self, but he gets less funny every minute into the film, and does Helen Hunt ever play a different character??
The music is fantastic though, creates a great tone throughout, and along with the sets and costumes, nearly steals the show!

The War Zone - :fresh: 8/10
A sad and disturbing film. The cinematography is amazing, if a bit unsettling, but some images will stay in your memory for days. There is an ominous feel to the movie, partially from the cinematography, but mostly from the superb direction and truly great acting from Tilda Swinton and Freddie Cunliffe.
There are hard topics to deal with, and it's an emotional ride, however the film is ultimitely worth it.

The Swan Princess - :fresh: 6/10
Not the best children's movie ever, but it's still sweet, and I admit that I like it! Like all kid's films, it still suffers from making the prince a muscly, bright-eyed, chiseled-jawed hero, the princess a blonde, beautiful, thin, helpless and slighly naive victim, and the bad guy ugly and evil.
The "sidekicks" are funny, the animation pretty good, the writing above average, but suffers from too much singing.

The Waterboy - :rotten: 2/10
I thought Kathy Bates, Fairuza Balk and Adam Sandler were all wasted in their roles. Why does Adam Sandler need to do these stupid, imbecilic comedies? He has proven (in Puch Drunk Love, The Wedding Singer, even The Hot Chick) that he is above them.
Practically no laughs, predictable, badly acted, unclever writing. Henry Winkler should've kept away from this too.

Have to admit, I caught myself singing the songs today while making a cake (am slightly sickened from too much frosting now). Though I'll admit the plot line is cheesy and very cliche, on a rainy day, this movie is perfect. :fresh:

Plot Outline: Derek and Odette weren't friends when they were kids, but fell in love with each other when they grew up. A love that will last forever, but first they have to break spell of an evil wizard.

Storyline is faithful to the ballet, apart from the happier ending. Odette is a likeable heroine and though we wonder what she sees in Derek. He has courage but he's self-centered and dumb. Queen Uberta is amusing and Rothbart is your basic villian. It has an enchanting love story, some humor, adventure, romance, drama, magic and memorable songs but not every is perfect. Sceneries from the movie look almost real, especially one with lakes and waterfalls.
Awesome Movie. Great Songs. Especially Far Longer Than Forever, This Is My Idea, Princesses On Parade, No More Mr. Nice Guy and No Fear.
This movie has basically everything that makes our family watch it over and over: romance, comedy, adventure, drama!
John Cleese delivers the laughs as a hilarious frog-thinking-he's-a -prince, Jack Palance reprises his scenery-chewing finest villains from the past, Sandy Duncan does the doting queen mother, and the music and animation are top-notch. We can all still sing several of the lyrics.

If you're wanting a fun, light-hearted adventure that adults and kids can enjoy together, don't miss this--it's a winner!
Swan Princess drags in its viewers into a world of fanasty, adventure, suspense, and romance with this lovable classic animation. Swan Princess tells the tale of an undying love that reigns through all through turmoil and many obstacles. This one's a keeper
It's one of the most beautiful movies I've even seen! Amazing! Especially songs!
Insanely corny, but still a beautiful pick. This was a favorite of mine as a child, and I'm surprised, but pleased to say, that I still love this movie.
I won't go into plot details; the story premise is fairly basic. The animation won't wow you either, but there is still something about this movie. One highlight is the funny animal companions of Speed the Turtle (my personal favorite), Jean-Bob the frog (who believes he's a prince but is truly just a conceited frog), and Puffin (a delightful Scottish penguin-general).
The Prince, Dereck, is decidely cheesy, and his hair is a bit "why?", but for some reason I still crushed on him as a kid, and I was totally enjoying all of his and Odette's romantic scenes (I'm a sucker for childhood love/hate relationships, no matter how cliche they've turn out to be).
Despite my messy review, I simply want to say this is a beautiful and corny film that is sure to bring back good memories of the hopeless romantics we used to be; but I mean that in the best possible sense. 8 out of 10, plus a heeping of nostalgic love.
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