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John Cusack is at his best in this conventional comedy.
This movie is so clever. John Cusack makes the most obnoxious character lovable and the chemistry between the leads is awesome.
Didn't get a chance to get to Blockbuster this week to grab some new movies so I taped a few. One that I taped is The Sure Thing with John Cusack in it. Firstly John Cusack is a cutie and I'm a big fan of him. Watching this movie I thought about all the great movies that he's been in that I've just fallen in love with. My number one favorite of all time of course being Say Anything. So without further adue I thought I'd list a couple of my Cusack favorites.

This movie had me laughing throughout and loving every second of it.
Rob: If you *really* wanted to screw me up, you should've gotten to me earlier.

I forgot how much I like this movie, but I like most things 80's and John Cusack. I know it's not his best, but what can i say. I will be fair, and rate it compared to other 80's/Cusack films.

I rented this because it was a Rob Reiner film and has John Cusack in it. The premise is about a guy at college who really likes one girl but she has no interest in him. She also has a boyfriend who lives in California so that doesn't help his cause either. Meanwhile they are somewhere in the mid east I'm not sure where. One day the guys friend calls him about coming to California to visit. That's where his friend went to school. His friend tells him he has a sure thing lined up for him. A sure thing being guaranteed sex with no strings attached. Now the problem is he has to find a way to California so he signs up for a hitch a ride program. Well guess who is on that ride? The girl that he likes that is going to visit her boyfriend. So what do you think happens now?
Yes, the movie is predictable but it has very likeable characters. It also has some very funny moments. Lastly, it has quite a few people who were very young at the time and went to on have good careers. Overall, the movie isn't great by any means, but I was entertained for 95 minutes.
Great comedy, good Rob Reiner direction, nicely written. What makes the film is John Cusack's winning performance. Daphne Zuniga is well cast and does a good job. Funny, touching and very well done. A very loose remake of "It Happened One Night"
Well, I'm not quite sure if 2 movies is an 'overload', but I didn't quite mean to watch 2 Rom-Coms this silly in a row.

That said, they aren't unenjoyable.

L.A. Story
Directed by: Mick Jackson

This is one of those films that I'd probably love a lot more had I seen it when I was younger, even only a couple of years.

Or maybe not. It's a pretty good 80's teen comedy (the best decade for teen comedies by far, if that isn't obvious), but it doesn't quite reach the level of most of John Huges films or, say, Say Anything or Porkies.

It's about a college freshman who's hit a 'dry spell', and after suffering through a miserable existance his first semester at a New England University, his best friend invites him out to UCLA where he's got a 'Sure thing,' a girl who's going through an 'experimental phase' who thinks he's cute.

In the meantime, he's attempted to hit on a stiff coed, but has gotten nowhere. But when they end up on the same path, cross country to L.A., they end up finding out a lot about each other, blah blah.

The story is nothing special, but Cusack is always fun to watch, the tone of the movie is fairly engaging, and it's pretty funny. One of those movies that you probably won't love unless you saw it when you were 14, but you will find it difficult to hate it.

I can't believe I hadn't seen this movie before! An 80's teen-romantic-comedy starring John Cusack, it really couldn't be much more up my alley. My only excuse is that I confused the film with Hot Pursuit, another 80's Cusack romantic-comedy where he travels long distances for the love of a girl. I've seen Hot Pursuit a few times, it's an okay film, nothing too memorable about it.

I was at my wife's mother's house and she had The Sure Thing up on her shelf, I took it down, read the back and noticed that Rob Reiner directed it. I was sure I'd seen all his films, especially his 80's ones, when he was at the top of his game, but the plot sounded just different enough from Hot Pursuit that I realized I hadn't. I immediately had to remedy that problem.

Cusack plays Gib, a freshman at an Ivy League school, with hopes to become a great writer. He's a real smart ass, who doesn't take his classes seriously. His carelessness annoys Alison (Daphne Zuniga) a straight-laced-lass is on the path to be a lawyer. Gib's friend Lance, played by a still full-head-of-haired Anthony Edwards, chose the party route and is living it up at a sunny California school. He sends Gib a letter promising him a "Sure Thing" in a sexy blond, if he heads out there for Christmas break.

This being a movie, Gib and Alison soon end up in the same car pool ride across the States. In a small funny role Tim Robbins plays the owner of the car, who soon kicks the couple out for ruining his trip. Gib and Alison are forced to hitch-hike the rest of the way. Along the way they move from loathing to acceptance, to an unspoken love, with the film ending in typical romantic-comedy fashion; lies, betrayal and finally ultimate love.

The Sure Thing is not a classic by any means. I might have had some more affection for it if I'd seen it in my youth; but seeing it now, it offered nothing special. Cusack does his usual smart-ass-but-likable thing, he makes the film worth watching. But I probably won't bother with it again unless I run across it on cable.

This movie is really good. It stars John Cusack as Walter "Gib" Gibson who is a college freshman in New England. It all starts when he gets a call from his friend asking him to come to California over X-mas break to meet the "Sure Thing". Along the way he endures showtunes,a intellectual student,Allison. But Gib soon learns that the real mistake would be loosing the real thing! A great John Cusack movie!!!!
i enjoyed this movie more than other john cusack movies . i thought martian child was good and so was 1408 but i wish he would go back to doing lighter movies like this and say anything. i like where the two leads don't like each other at first and then grow to like each other. it is much more believable to watch the progression of their relationship and adventure along the way. my favorite scene is when they wake up beside each other and he gets all jittery and walks out on the veranda. he just seemed sweet in that scene and in the later half of the movie especially. as an audience memeber you grow to like him just like she does. i think he showed his true self on the trip and just pretened to be somewhere that crazy at school. you know more vulnerable on their trip.
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