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i have always enjoyed this movie from the moment it came out ... awesome ... hehe
I cannot understand how is it possible that the animation films of Disney differ so much in charme and fascination from their actor films.
I do not remember if I have ever liked any actor film from Disney, but ok, let's speak of this.
I love Kung Fu Panda, and that kind of gags and sense of humor of that and other Animation Movies.
But, when you translate it to movies with actors, it loses it charme, and it becomes just childish and, TV Movie style.
But maybe it is also because of Baruchel.
His acting is so so so so so so bad, and all what he does seems stolen from Animation movies, it is like if he is trying to be some sort of Kung Fu Panda or Mr Incredible. Or to train a dragon.
He even moves EXACTLY like the character of How to train your Dragon, and beside his voice (which at least in that film was really funny, here is really annoying, it seems like if he is crying all the time), the way he speaks is the same. His acting is the same.
He acts like a Cartoon.
But he is not.
And this makes him ridiculous.
It was a long while that I was not writing something negative about a film, with this kind of lack of diplomacy.
But although I could enjoy the film due to the special effects and my preference for fantasy things, and for the blond girl (best part of the film), Baruchel completely ruined for me.
And honestly, Disney too.
The way they write movies of this kind, and direct them...
There is this feeling of an overbudgetted TV Movie...
But at least Nicolas Cage has the change not to be too annoying, near someone who is more annoying than him.

I do suggest this movie to lovers of fantasy due to lack of other good fantasy movies lately.
But at the end you will feel nothing and you will forget it immediately.

Only one thing I liked: the idea of "participating".
But you must have it already inside of you, and having though about it for long time, to be able to understand it.
The way they talk of it in the film, is just, well, the superficial Disney feel good moral.
This was definitely cool!!!
I agree, Baruchel was not right for this and yeah it is as if he's about to cry each time lol!
The movie was OK, I guess I don't fall the right age category. In the end of the day it's a Disney movie set in present NY city, about sorcerers.
@iwanawatch Agree with you on Baruchel, which is funny, since the only movie he's done that I'd list as a "good movie" is the voice character he played in How to Train Your Dragon.
It was an ok movie it would have been better without Jay Baruchel i cant stand his voice sounds like hes about to cry every time he opens his mouth not to mention he has that cheesy MTV sorta acting quality that makes you cringe unless ur a 12 year old girl. But other than that the movie also had Nicholas Cage so that gave it points so i rate it 5.6 outa 10.
For me it was an "okay" movie. Still, its a movie you should watch

im really amazed !!~!!


´hehe super Thanks

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