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the scene with the girl barfing used to scare the living sh!t out of me when i was younger, but now, its just hilarious.
i think there is something wrong with me.
Not quite as good when you know the ending. But still a great watch. 8/10
Haley Joel Osment acted the hell out of this movie.
This is and always be one of my favorite Movies.
Can't believe I have only watched this once, such a very enjoyable film to watch again.
I'm in the middle of watching it again. It's surprisingly involving, considering I know everything that's going to happen. Rare for a thriller.

There's some really flamboyant gay film critic on some show that said the creepiest thing about this movie is how it made Bruce Willis' hair come back.

I see toupees
Six days left until the big day!

And, speaking of six... What about The Sixth Sense?

Personally, I love this movie. Unlike The Ring, if you know the mystery and know the payoff, the movie is still atmospheric, spooky, and dramatic enough to watch over and over again. Shamalyan is a great director and, if you can't recognize that... I think you're an idiot. End of story. Eat that, you fucking posers.
This movie is just incredible, as is the performance by Haley Joel Osment. I have never gone out of a movie more shell-shocked than the first time I saw this movie. Maybe some of the viewers guessed the shock ending, but as for me it completely surprised me. The scene between Haley's character and his mother, played wonderfully by Toni Collette, makes me tear up every time I watch it. Bruce Willis was also perfect for his role, and I truly felt his sadness about "his marriage growing apart"....along with his shock at the end of the movie when he finds out what's really going on. If people liked this movie, they should rent The Others with Nicole Kidman. It is also a top-notch thriller with a similar storyline, although maybe even a bit more spooky.
I just had to laugh a bit in shock looking at the rather bad ratings Pay It Forward got at Rotten Tomatoes. Can I really be so wrong? I've just washed off all my tears and held my nose real deep into my tissues, I couldn't help it, because this movie was just so great and touching. I can't really say it inspired me to run outside and "pay it forward," but I just really loved the story. And the ending was just awful, I really had to cry. Sometimes I thought - God, this movie's taking really long, how do they still want to go on and keep me interested? But they went on, and I wanted to go on seeing how the story goes. And afterwards I so wished that, when I'm a grandmother one day that Haley Joel Osment will still be around acting in such great movies. He's so great! I mean, Secondhand Lions wasn't exactly a great movie, but I've always loved him as an actor since The Sixth Sense. He's so mature for his age and just an impressive little actor. He was really born to become an actor, I think.

Ah, at least the sales rank of the DVD at Amazon is not as bad as the ratings on Rotten Tomatoes. I guess the general public knows how to appreciate this movie.
Night Shyamalan

Unbreakable This one of my favourite movies. Almost perfect. When I first watched it in cinema I even didn't like it that much, but after that.. somehow I realized who great it was. The end, which all others say would suck or stuff, was just awesome. That whole idea was awesome. I mean, you don't even know if its really about superheros. That's the incredible thing about this film. Great pictures, score, actors... damn, have to watch it again soon
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