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The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2005

Four best girlfriends hatch a plan to stay connected with one another as their lives start off in different directions: they pass around a pair of secondhand jeans that fits each of their bodies perfectly...

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Solar rating: 8.5


Imdb rating: 6.6



Good movie, lots of different stories. Touching and interesting movie.
I never cry at movies. At least, it's a rare thing.
But it seems to me that there's a different moment in this movie that touches each person who watches it in that weepy, teary way.
Sisterhood was very well done, staying true to the characterization and wit of the book. My only objection: plot changes with respect to Lena.
We've got some bright young stars in this movie that I hope we'll be seeing more of.
i read the book first and thought it was good, but the movie was not at all. i am very disapointed in it but i knew that it was going to be crap. i dont know why i saw it three times. i saw it first with steph, and then with sidonie then with emily. i was like cracking up when the little girl was dying was all "tibby...i want you to do one last thing for me...finish the movie!" aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! bleaaah! *vomits* this one is a :rotten: .
I had been waiting so long to see this movie, not because I'm a fan of the books, but because I'm a HUGE fan of America Ferrera, Alexis Bedel and Amber Tamblyn. And I was definitely NOT disappointed! My only complain is that the movie seems to go on for a long time, but at least it's a fun time. All of the actresses did a wonderful job and the story was kept real yet touching. I know that any movie in which even my mother cries has to be a good one.
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I am aware of how much I can get teased for enjoying this movie. I am a 20 year old girl in my 3rd year of university studying film and I intend to be a filmmaker one day. This film is without a doubt, a guilty pleasure. When I had first seen the trailer for it and heard about the book, I remembered someone in high school telling me that I should read it cause I would like it. I didn't listen of course cause I'm not one for books, reading is my least favorite thing unless its a trully good book. Never-the-less, the trailer made me buy the book and within 3 weeks, I had read all 3 books. They were extremely compelling and I couldn't put them down. Therefore, I was equally excited to see the film after getting pulled in and captured to these girls lives. You're gonna think I'm a total nerd, but thats what I am and I know it so say it, my feelings won't be hurt...I saw the film 4 times in the theatre. The first time I thought it wasn't very good. The book is always better than the movie but as I saw it again and again, it grew on me. It was by no means, a piece of cinematic excellence and I know that, but I think the one element that had me hooked with the book and the film was the characters being trully relatable to youth. For me, Tibby was a character I really connected with and understood. In the past with both film and television, the role of "film geek" has always been a male dominated area as we've seen with the numerous accounts of "Dawson Leery's". So I thought it was refreshing to have a female film geek for once. It was literally like watching myself on screen. I took my friends to see the film and told others to read the book and they came back saying that the character of Tibby was me in literary form. With the fact that my attatchment to this film goes back to relating to a character, I don't think I should be made fun of. Also, it just made me remember what it was like to be 16 again which was a great feeling. With all this said, I can't help but give it an 8 for being a nice sentimental piece that is a relaxing break from the serious films I watch in film class. I will without a doubt be purchasing the DVD as this film captured a piece of my heart.
Four very talented actresses!!! Four great stories! One very good movie!
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