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Anyone wanna test out a 24gb stream of this movie, id say itll take 20 minutes just to load 1 minute of the movie haha but itll be pure 1080p, i have a stream on a private host :)
truly incredible great acting great dialogue just a great movie I would recommend this to anybody looking for something to watch easily 10/10
Real special film, truly unique and amazing. 10/10
Grew up less than three miles from the prison in the movie so it was impossible for me to pretend the setting was in Maine, especially when the overhead shots are where I used to ride my bike. It was a truly nasty place and everyone we knew had code language for escaped convicts seeking refuge or hostages.

Easily one of the best movies of all time because there is nothing you could do to improve the concept, dialogue, and execution. It was also very realistic as it was not uncommon for guards to kill inmates in that prison and if you were doing less than ten years you were a target because misery loves company.

When i first watched this movie i was so amazed with it i still watch it atleast 1-2 a month this is ART :)
To uk & IRE people, its just starting on ITV right now :) what a film :)
One of my go to movies. Excellent.
Amazing movie i cried at the end such a powerful movie beautiful, an all time favorite know worth watching all the way trough 10/10
Who knew Stephen King wrote stuff other than horror. This is a true classic that will be revered for longer than our generation.
This is one of the best movies other than the green mile from books of Stephen King. I have watched both movies multi times. They both are very emotional movies and I always cry when I watch them...Freemans Red is one of the best characters in a story I have ever seen. They both were well written, well acted, and well directed. I love them both a lot...
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