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This movie is not creative, but is slightly amusing. The bad guys are bad and that is it. The main character is a dog-hating lawyer, and that is it. The characters have no depth. I would not watch this again.
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I have seen everything now.
Disney is now promoting the use of illegal drugs to kids.

"Drugs" Downey Jr. in the cast?

Disney, what were you thinking about casting this loser drug user in a film meant for kids?

You should be ashamed.
:up: Our family (husband, 8 year old son, 21 year old daughter and I) went and saw this movie the day it opened. The theater had many children in it and there was a lot of laughter and there was actually applause when it ended. I read the reviews before we went and hoped it wouldn't be a waste of our time but it ended up being a fun time for all. Reviews by so called movie critics are overrated. Yes, there are silly parts to it but it's a great family movie and they are too few and far between. Tim Allen does a great job with his transformation in to a dog. I recommend this to families who want to have a fun evening at the movies
I took my 3 grandkids to this and the older two (age 5 and 6) liked it. The 3 yr old got fidgety and "wanted mommy". But I thought it was an OK movie for kids. There aren't that many good kid movies out there, so even a mediocre one is a hit in my book. Also, I saw the original when I was little so wanted to relive my childhood with my grand daughters!
The Shaggy Dog

Initial Reaction: Scooby Doo?

Main Characters

Dave Douglas: He's an aspiring Assistant District Attorney. He's played by Tim Allen.

Rebecca Douglas: She's Dave's wife. She's played by Kristin Davis

Carly Douglas: She's Dave's and Rebecca's daughter. She's played by Zena Grey.

Kozak: He's part owner of a research company. He's played by Robert Downey Jr.

Shaggy Dog: He's a sheepdog played by Coal.

Plot Summary

The movie starts with a commando squad sent into Tibet to capture The Shaggy Dog, so a research company can see how it's possible that dog can live to be hundreds of years old.

The commandos capture the dog and take him to the research company. Once there, Carly Douglas captures the dog from the scientists. She takes The Shaggy Dog home.

Meanwhile, Dave Douglas is trying an arson case against that research company The Shaggy Dog was sent to. When he finds his daughter with The Shaggy Dog, he isn't too thrilled about the dog and tries to boot him out of the house.

The Shaggy Dog bites Dave in the hand, leaving a nasty wound. The next day, Dave starts acting like a dog -- growling at people, chasing cats and sticks and so on.

Later that day, Dave turns into a twin of The Shaggy Dog. He tries to tell his family, but they think he's The Shaggy Dog, and they take him as a pet.

But Dave doesn't want to be a dog, and it's going to take everything he has to find a way back to being human.


Main Characters

Tim Allen is okay, but he's only got one type of joke to tell in this film -- the human acting like a dog set of jokes. It was funny the first time, but it got tired seeing it the twelfth time

As for the rest of the family, they are bland -- you have the perfect wife and the daughter looking to do some good for the world.

As for Kozak, he's just your average bad guy that's easily forgettable.

And The Shaggy Dog is okay, but I've seen better animals (Two Brothers, the penguins in March of the Penguins) SCORE: 4

Supporting Cast

Instantly forgettable. There's a kid who wants to sing instead of playing football, a District Attorney who's by the book and a judge that's just like any other judge. SCORE: 2


Very ludicrous. If there was such a dog like the Shaggy Dog, they would've put him under better security than they did in this movie (or at least not let any meddling kids take him from under their nose.)

There wasn't anything on the arson case except for the name of the defendant and that a lab was damaged. How was the blaze set? How could it be faked? What was damaged? Why weren't any animals rescued in the arson attempt?

And the scenes with Dave (as the dog) and his family felt like a third-rate sitcom rather than a movie. SCORE: 3


This is a remake of The Shaggy Dog, 1959, but the 1959 version has a kid turning into a dog, and the 2006 has an adult turning into the dog. SCORE: 5

Violence Factor

There are near collisions with cars, stun guns are used a lot, but nothing too scary. SCORE: 8

Other Moral Issues

This movie is about listening to your family and accepting them for who they are. However, this film doesn't have much feeling or heart in giving this message. SCORE: 3

Final Score (out of 60): 25
% Score: 41.67%

Needs more character in the characters, and more different types of jokes than "man acts like dog" joke.
I was able to go with my neices and nephew to see this film and I have never seen them behave so well in their lives. They couldn't take their eyes off the screen. All we heard about all the way home was referencing the dogs, dog hybreds and other comical charactors. It is a rarity that my neices and nephew sit still for that long and for that it is definitely worth it!
I like it..

alot of laughs...

worth seeing again..
Funny fo the kids, it's a sweet story!
Tim Allen stars in this comedy about a lawyer who gets bitten by a dog with a genetic mutation into becoming a dog himself, and seeing what is really going on in the lives of his wife and 2 kids. alone i will have to say the very beginning made absolutely no sense as to why the dog came from Tibet. i will also add that it was a little funny seeing Tim Allen as a dog, and it was funny seeing monkeys, rabbits, a cobra with a dog tail, a frog with a dog head and rats act like dogs. for some reason the very beginning made absolutely no sense. it is funny, but i will admit that they could have worked on the beginning alot more

This movie was a bit stupid, but it was cute and it made Tim Allen seem a little less idiotic, I have to admit though, Zena Gray's emotion changes so fast. Anyway good for kids through the ages of 12.
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