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The Secret Life of Bees 2008

Set in South Carolina in 1964, this is the tale of Lily Owens, a 14 year-old girl who is haunted by the memory of her late mother. To escape her lonely life and troubled relationship with...

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I actually really liked this movie. I had watched parts of it before but never really gave it my full attention as it played in the background as I was doing other things. I took the time to sit & pay attention this time & I was pleasantly surprised at what a good movie this was. There is something about Queen Latifah that gives off motherly/friend type of vibe & it makes me really like her. Dakota Fanning has grown into a beautiful young woman & I always seem to love watching her, whatever character she is playing. The two of them blended wonderfully together along with the rest of the cast to make this a relatable heartwarming story.

Another wonderfully made movie!

Half of this movies is about the psychological pain that an adolescent girl feels when she remembers accidently shooting her mother while her mother fought with her abusive father when she tried to leave him. The girl is left orphaned by the mom, and now is the target of her father's bitterness and anger. The other half of this movie is about era (1964) when blacks were just starting to gain some civil rights (like the right to register to vote). So we have a few scenes of hateful white men who beat up on black women and men for not knowing their place. The girl, along with her black maid, run away from their tortuous life and end in South Carolina, taken in by a house of unusual black women who own a successful beekeeping business. These are not just any black women. They are intelligent, kind, compassionate, spiritual women who help the girl come to terms with some truths about her mother and herself.

This is a message movie about love and forgiveness. It is a movie about home and unusual families. It is about finding your way when you don't think anybody loves you. The three black sisters in this movie are given nearly mythical roles as spiritual guides to this young girl. And, on that level, it succeeds.

Where the movie fails is in the depiction of life for black people in the South in the early 1960's. It's difficult to believe that the 2 incidents involving the beating of black people would end so easily. The South was most likely not like this in 1964. That was the year the Civil Rights Act was passed, and a year before the Voting Rights Act became law. White people in the South were not yet ready for educated, independent black men who went to movies with white girls. But the movie is not about realism, it's about hope. And it stands on solid ground there.
I was pleasantly surprised. I wasn't expecting much, maybe a Hallmark movie of the week type show. It ended up being much more enjoyable and fun to watch. I will purchase this film. Worth watching...especially for Dakota Fanning and Queen Latifah's performances
Dakota Fanning just doesn't have the acting range to pull off the film. Queen Latifah is terrific though. Rather predictable and overly dramatic, it all seems so familiar. Too slow moving at times. It is a well meaning film, but it is flawed.
ahh, the return of the magical negro...
Fanning, Latifah, Hudson, and Okonedo are all wonderful actresses, yet the story is so cliche'd
on a personal note, I was appalled that Hounddog got such a bad rap for an OFF-SCREEN rape, while Fanning had her first real kiss with a boy 6 years her senior (something anyone else would go to jail for) and looking incredibly uncomfortable while doing it

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This movie moved me. I am not big into dramas, but when I saw the cast; jennifer Hudson, Alecia Keys, Queen Latifah, I was like: my favorite singers in one movie! I was very impressed mostly with Dakota Fanning's performance. She was raw, and the whole movie I was in awe of how she could be so young yet act like she has been winning oscars year after year. I was choked up/sad for most the movie, and only a moviing story line and good acting can really do that to me. You feel really happy for how far our country has come in terms of racism, and you feel proud. I loved the movie, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to see a "feel good" movie with an extraordinary cast and script!
This was one of the best films I saw this year! I am very disappointed that there were no award nominations....I guess I am not surprised seems only the boring films get nominated these days. It is so refreshing when I see a film that has actual dialog, great acting, and a real plot! In fact, one of the movies that WAS nominated this year ( "Changeling") was not even close to the wonderful acting this film has to offer!! I mean, since when can Anjelina Jolie really act? It just proves that the films and actors that get nominated are only the popular, or "trendy" ones!
I highly recommend seeing this, it is a wonderful film!!!! A++++++++:fresh: :D :up:
I loved the book so it was natural for me to want to see the movie once it was out. I actually enjoyed the movie despite what critics have said. It stayed fairly true to the book which is refreshing in todays movie making. The actors were all wonderful and portrayed the characters the way I visualized them in the book. It's a great story both on paper and on film. If you enjoy a great story, I recommend this movie.
The film has a good cast, but the film doesn't really work as I never got emotionally attached anything in this syrupy film.
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