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The Scorpion King 2002

A desert warrior rises up against the evil army that is destroying his homeland. He captures the enemy's key sorcerer, takes her deep into the desert and prepares for a final showdown...

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With the 4th one out now 13 years after the start, I decided to do a tribute rewatch on all of them in order as time allows. I know I loved this one, but after all these years I had forgotten Michael Clarke Duncan even being in it. RIP!
This movie was great~the story,effects & all the acting.
Really enjoyed this one from The Rock 8.5/10 from me :)
I'm probably one of the few people out there who actually enjoyed this movie more than the original 2 mummy movies, but thats my perogative. I just really have a good time with this flick. Sure its not the most original film and follows a pretty standard formula, but its fun! The acting was pretty decent and the f/x were good. The action sequences are fairly tight and its just fun!
Its definatly a film I like to pop in once in awhile and just let my brain shut down for a bit. Ahhhhhh thats better.

The Rock does a fairly solid job for his first major role. I think he has the potential to become the next big action star. Which we are in dire need of right now as all the greats are getting a bit up there in age to do those sorts of roles anymore. And seeing The Rock in The Rundown really proved that he has come along ways acting wise because he was freakin great in that movie.
This movie plays out like a bad episode of Xena Warrior Princess. The Rock has shown himself to be a very capable action star, but this movie is way beneath him.
Jackie Brown: In QT's 3rd best flick, Pam Grier and Samuel Jackson deliver great performances, Fonda is great in an understated role, and Tarantino manages to steer clear of the average crime caper with the touching finale.

The Scorpion King: The Rock has the makings of an action star, but the weak script and boring action undermine his potential.

Carlito's Way: Al Pacino delivers another hit, and De Palma strikes gold again (though this film isn't as good as Scarface)

Malibu's Most Wanted: Sometimes hitting notes of bad taste, the combo of Diggs/Anderson works and sometimes Kennedy's act (esp. in the beginning)

Fight Club: (Its really a 8.75) Pitt and Norton shine, and Fincher's direction and the hypnotic soundtrack drive this one home.

Cotton Mary: Jaffrey is annoying to no end, and you can see the end from a mile away.

Shanghai Knights: The film suffers from too many British stereotypes, but Chan's fancy fight scenes and some hilarious moments from the duo bring it above the surface.
well, archiebald and i broke our record for most movies watched in a day. the new record is six! kick ass...anyway, here's the rundown, in order of viewage...

the scorpion king
picked it up for five bucks so don't start screaming at me. it was worth that just to see kelly hu...HOT!! even though the movie is seriously flawed, it is still fun...

good fight, good night!
The Rock made Conan The Barbarian seem like a doll.
:rotten: This has got to be the worst movie I've ever seen, and I'll explain.
First, in a movie it's imperative to have:

Good story = :down:
Interesting characters = :down:
Good dialogue = WAY :down:

to name a few. Scorpion King fails in every way a movie can fail. Can anyone explain why Scorpion King is so immature about sex? ("What about... you know 'wink wink'")
In Ancient Egypt, they were not juvenile prancers that thought of sex as a joke. It was sacred.
If that was the least of the film's problems, it could possibly get away with it, but even the direction of the film falls around this dead spot. You move from one-liner to one-liner, the film draws lame ideas into its sphere like a magnet for trash.
I wish there had been even a single redeeming quality to this garbage so at least my money would not have been completely wasted. The villain is hokey (My opinion on a movie can flip if occupied by a great villain), the story wreaks of camel dung, and the supposed romance looks so awful that a thirteen year old hormone-driven delinquent could have written the same mush.
Nothing you haven't seen before. Spend that money on something more worth-while, like a new haircut. This one's worth missing.

:down: "You're just lucky we're from the same mother" - Scorpion King
(It was this line in the beginning that I knew the film would wreak)
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