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The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause 2006

Santa, aka Scott Calvin, is faced with double-duty: how to keep his new family happy, and how to stop Jack Frost from taking over Christmas...

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Not bad Christmas movie at all Movie isn't fantastic but it's pretty average movie :) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Solarians!! :D
Yada yada yada SUCKS!

So here's a family movie. What becomes apparent towards the end is the following:

- Child labor, elves posing as kids
- Pedophilia, the climax of the movie?
- Beastiality, back off Easter Bunny!

Well this movie means well. Too well. Man it sucks. It's cheezy. They mentioned elf tossing and I didn't see one elf fly. How disappointing!

The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause
RT Rating: 14%
My Rating: 7.0
Box Office: N/A

One of my favourite scenes from the movie is the snow golbe scene. Its not real, but it just puts that Christmas warmth in your heart, I thought it was very loveable and memorable and just puts the cheer in the movie, it reminded me the spirit and joy of being a child. Thats one of the things I love about these movie, it brings you back to your childhood and makes you belive agian, not as original as the first but its always there. Some of my beef with the movie is that it did seem very rushed, how it was put together. I mean it just went from scene, to scene, to scene with out any lingering sense of the last one you just saw. It has its memorable scnes like the snow globe or the tree fallng one but theres a lot of forgettable ones. And I dont particaullary care for the design of the pole. The movie is very sweet itself, but the set is a little to fake and colourful for my taste, which is why I love the first is that it just has the original quality to it, like all first movies in a franchise do.

I mean at the end of the day the movie is a good Christmas film and does what it has to do. The familiesin the audeince loved it, as did the kids. It reminds us of our childhoods and makes the belivers and non beliving chilren belive even more. It brings fun and love to the holiday which is what it was set out to do. THere were a few lines near the end that you couldnt help but smile at. I mean this a movie where when the credits role you say, what a nice movie. It sends it message, its has its fun and its over with. Is it overracted in spots? Yes. Its it a bit to fake and sugary for my taste? Yes. But does it do what its set out to do, hell ya and it has fun and puts the smile on your face. Its a fine end to a franchise that shouldnt be in my opinon. But, I for one can't wait for the box set next Christmas, that is a must purcahse for me.

Bottom Line:
A fine end to a classic Christmas franchise, but will never reach the greatness of the first.
SC3 is definately not holiday magic.
One thing I was shocked with, first off, is, throughout the incredilously long duration, try and find the utterance: "Merry Christmas". Nope. Not Happy Holidays, NOTHING!
The film feels it has no direction. It builds up, then it hurries through the entire reason it was made. 7 minutes is spent on Jack Frost becoming SC. It's 93 minutes. That's how bad it is.
Bye bye. Seriously. Not enough room.
My 11 yo daughter and 7yo son both enjoyed this movie. I thought it was a little slow and thin on plot but I love Martin Short. I kept thinking about Mrs. Claus since she is on Lost and does not play a nice character but that's just me. I think it was a good kick off to the holiday season.

The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause

This is a charming Christmas movie. It's a wonderful way to kick off the holiday season.
this film is missing everything that the first 2 have.this one does not have the magic that the other 2 films bring.
This is the third installmant of the Santa Clause myth. Be forewarned: humbugs, grinches and sourpusses should just stay home!

This movie is the most magical and enchanting of all three films. It also has a different director, John Pasquin.

Rating: B+
The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Cause (2006 dir. Michael Lembeck): 4/10

Well, it wouldn't be Christmas without Tim Allen in a fat suit. This particular franchise centers on the idea that holiday mascots are not specific beings but rather job descriptions thrust upon random people, by some omnipotent holiday force, through the donning of magic clothing. So if Tim Allen puts on a magic Santa outfit he becomes "Santa Claus". Kevin Pollack finds a miniature toga and a magic bow and he becomes "Cupid". Although, how one becomes the Easter Bunny is left to the imagination...
While mostly light and trite throughout, eventually, as all crappy kids fare seems to, "Santa Clause 3" devolves into a depressing "It's a Wonderful Life" style allegory on what might've been had parts one and two never been made at all (frightening thought) full of divorce, neglect, slave labor, hypothermia and reindeer abuse. Plus, it's "anti-commercialism" message is just about the most hypocritical thing I've seen this holiday season...but then again it's still early.
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