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I know this movie doesn't get great reviews, but I have a theory on that. I think it's because those people reviewing this movie have forgotten that it's a kid's/family movie. These people have all these preconceived notions about what a movie should be like, and they forget about what it's like to just sit back and enjoy a movie that doens't have to have a major point. Just to relax and chill with some wierd Tim Allen flick about becoming de-santaficated. It was good, I liked it, and it didn't get all bunged up with some wierd plot twist that left you wondering "What the fuck?!?!"
So sit back, enjoy the movie and don't be such an uptight prick all the time.
Tim Allen does a remarkable job of playing Santa in The Santa Clause 2.
In the north pole, santa begins to lose weight and appear younger. Later, he is sent back to home to make his delinquent son behave. He only has 28 days to get married, correct his son's behavior, and stop an evil toy army from invanding the North pole!

Graphics: 7/10.
There aren't as many special effects as i was hoping, but it was ok.

Sound: 7/10.
The music was decent. They could have put some rap in. They have a bit of hip-hop in the movie, but only about 5 seconds worth.

Overall Rating: 7/10
Yesterday was movie day at our house. With all the snow on the ground, we decided to stay home and watch movies all day. Most of them were Disney movies on cable or kids movies for Mikey. Don did go to the store and rented Bad Boys 2 and Santa Clause 2. I didn't watch Bad Boys since I was putting Mikey to bed and I'm not really into violent shows. Santa Clause 2 was pretty mild. Tim Allen is always entertaining, but the end seemed to get kind of weird, with the Santa Clone creating a toy soldier army and taking over the North Pole. (I told you it was weird).

Mikey is really starting to get into the Christmas spirit. He understands the concepts of Santa Claus and presents, but I don't think he really gets the idea that it's a big deal holiday. We probably have another year or two before he starts waking us up at 3 am to open gifts, like my older kids used to do.

Jilly sent me some new Abby photos. I am so excited to get them. I already printed three of them on my spiffy new printer and they look great. I'll get the link up for Abby's pics soon so you all can see them. In the meantime, try this link. That baby is getting so big! And she's so cute!

Only five more days of work left for me until Christmas break. Teachers need this time away from their students. I love my job, but it can wear a person down after a while. And it's not the kids that drive me so crazy- it's all the other stuff.

It's hazy and gray and the snow is dirty. Hope you have a great day.
The santa clause 2 is a good movie for those of you that like REALLY predictable movies. i figured out what was going to happen about 5 minutes into the movie. but it still is very good....although it mostly pertains to the younger minds...
Horribly stupid.

"If you value your time and money, find an escape clause and avoid seeing this trite, predictable rehash."
-- Claudia Puig, USA TODAY
Not even close to funny. Don't see it. Please.

1/10 :rotten:
I saw this movie during christmas with my family and really didn't enjoy that much. I was bored and not entertained like the first installment. The movie has a good message to it but lacks shine.
I really liked it, because he finally married someone that he thought he would never even like. I also think that they should come out with a Santa Clause 3 becuase the movie should talk about the life that Mr. and Mrs. Clause have together and the things that they encounter (Like having a baby). ;)
I believe Analyze This did most of the jokes about the mob already. Analyze That picks up the scraps.

The Santa Clause 2 is enjoyable to watch, whether or not it's Christmas.

About Schimdt sees another superior performance by Jack Nicholson.

The Pianist, a moving story about the Holocaust, is the best film of 2002.
four and a half stars
:up: :up:
Comments: A great movie to watch before/on/after christmas, it's a great movie but it is alot better if you watch the first one.
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