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The Sandlot 1993

A new kid in town is taken under the wing of a young baseball prodigy and his team. Together, they get themselves into many adventures involving rival teams, lifeguards, and a vicious dog...

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great childhood movie
Is it wrong that I saw this movie for the first time at 15 and loved it?
The Sandlot is a great childhood film because it examines changes and friendship among group of pre-teens. It is good old fashioned fun in the adventures of their baseball days. Denis Leary makes one of his breakthrough films here. Entertainment supreme, and adults will like it too.
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How can you not like this movie? It was a time when kids wanted to be kids and just had fun. If only it was this way now we have not have so many troublesome teenagers.
You will probably enjoy 'The Sandlot' if you are a young boy (or older boy) who has been interested in baseball at some point in his life. That does not mean that girls cannot enjoy this film, but it is a film that seems to be made for the male gender, particularly younger men and ones that still connect with their inner child.

This film is about a group of boys who come together and play baseball. It is a comedy as much as it is a film about baseball, with conflict taking part in the mystery surrounding the house with the angry beast. The film is mainly told through the story of one of the new boys whose parents are divorced and who is having an awkward relationship with the stepfather.

Baseball, girls, comedy, and mystery all endure in this tale. Great if you like this sort of film and are part of the intended audience, but it is not a great film if you're on the outside.
The Sandlot (1993): 10/10

wow. what can i say? this is seriously, like, the best movie ever made. watching it just makes me wanna go grab a baseball hat, a hot dog, and some ice cream, haha! it's a lot like the goonies, only... baseball-y. the characters are all so great! benny is easy on the eyes, too... (well, if you're a fourteen year old girl). really, check it out! it was my favorite movie when i was seven, it's my favorite movie now, at 14, and it's one of my brother's favorites, at 20. really. awesome. totally awesome. check it out.
The Sandlot is a very good childhood classic. It has well drawn out characters, funny dialogue, good period flavor and very memorable scenes. It is a very Entertaining, very Funny and a very Enjoyable film. All the kids are good, but "Ham" is the best. The Narration is sometimes condesending, but is still well told. What we have here is a very good movie about kids just being kids, then slowly preparing to grow up. The Sandlot is a feel good movie that is great no matter how many times you watch it.
The review will come later... I have always loved this movie
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