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The Runaways
Director-Fliria Sigismondi
Writer/s-F.S and Cherrie Currie
Starring-Kristen Steward, Dakota Fanning, Micheal Shannon, Stella Maeve, Scout Taylor-Compton, Alia Shawkat, Riley Keough, Johnny Lewis, Tatum O'neal, Brett Cullen, Hannah Marks
Not a bad little movie. Definitely a rock and roll movie worth seeing.
Great acting by all the actresses. Don't usually like all the movie that Steward does but this one was good. Definitely a fun time dam they were like 15 or something when they all started this band up. And you see all the drugs and a quick look at what it was like being in a band in the early seventies. I hope I have that right maybe it's the eighties the sex pistols.
Stardom and all the internal battles the bands all face. This movie is based on a book that came out and it was penned by Cherrie Curie. Noticed this movie on Crackle and never saw it till now.
The story is based on Joan Jett and Cherrie Curie the band they helped start. Dam to bad the lead singer of the Runaways couldn't get her act together. Drugs do a lot of them in. I really don't feel like doing a full blown review like I usually do. You haven't lived until you've seen this movie. So many anonymous reviews dam people get your face and post it out there. What's the point to posting if you gonna be so secretive online. ;'[

/ha hoh . Wonderful contribution, thanks

:lol it´s nice & wonderfull

loved the Kristen and Dakota you Rock!!!!



´wou .Great videos ;) . Like the girls from BestCamX.c()m

awesome movie i love the runaways=)

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