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The Rules of Attraction 2002

The incredibly spoiled and overprivileged students of Camden College are a backdrop for an unusual love triangle between a drug dealer, a virgin and a bisexual classmate...

Release Date:
October 11, 2002
110 min
Roger Avary
Tara Kleinpeter, Kate Bosworth, James Van Der Beek, ...
Drama, Thriller, Comedy, ...
USA, Germany
English, German

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Solar rating: 7.9


Imdb rating: 6.8

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So, that was a great movie. A little slow sometimes but the reflexions are good and I loved to watch Ian Somerhalder into this character. It suits him perfectly!
Red Dragon was a suspenseful movie even if the clues were telegraphed way too obviously.

The good news about The Tuxedo? The movie just flew by.

The characters of The Rules of Attraction are so uninteresting, might as well be forgotten and dead.

Even for martial arts movies, The Transporter was getting a bit ridiculous.

Punch-Drunk Love is a superior romantic comedy with a surprising serious turn from Adam Sandler.
I absolutely loved the rules of attraction. It is so on target about everything. It includes scenes about rape, drugs, sex, evn a suicide scene, i love how the things would go backwards during certain scenes. I love the quotes in this movie. Watch it.
This movie was also very good. Not what i thought really. I love Angelina Jolie in everything she does. This movie was great for her. It was not really scary. Which was dissapointing. I was really wanting to watch a scary movie. But I still liked it
I have been trying to make it through reading American Psycho. I love Bret Easton Ellis and I read Less then Zero, The Informers, and The Rules of Attraction last year. No one else captures the capitalist glamour of the eighties the way he does, the coke, the music, the clothes, the feel.
I haven't seen Less then Zero with robert Downey Jr, so I can't rate it, but the film industrys second go at making a movie froma Ellis film was, to my mind, a great success. The cinematography was vivid and delicoius, and Bale's performance was amazing. The movie does what the book cannot - make us connect to the most monstrous killer since Hannibal Lecter and actually want to follow along and see what happens to this guy.
Rules of Attraction tore apart what I think of as Ellis's best work and made it into teen comedy. The dark underside, the narrative voice, all of that was lost in the film.
what do you think?

DVD Many Viewings, 2 Avary films seen

This is my definition of a guilty pleasure. It is a completely genre-less film. You would find it under drama at any Blockbuster, but it is clearly just as much of a screwball comedy as it is a satire or drama. As a college kid, I appreciate some of what it tries to say, but overall I just find it to be extremely entertaining. Who the hell are the people in this movie? I am glad to say I know no one anything like them. But then again I go to a small state school in Massachusetts. Maybe the universities are different.
So, there were not a lot of options at the movie store so we ended up renting "Rules of Attraction." It was a clear NO from the start since the back if the case said something about "sex, drugs and rock and roll." That's just one of those phrases that should be translated "beware."

We watched the movie in the morning and it was more like an audition for "most over the top performance" than it was a pleasant movie-watching experience. I mean, it had everything: drugs, drug dealers, gratuitous nudity, sex, gay sex, bad sex, excess sex, corny lines, excessive use of unjustified swearing and, of course, college students that never go to class.

As a college student I was left to wonder: did this movie had any point at all? what was up with all the lousy characters? where was this college of no rules? and, more importantly, why the hell does James Van Der Beek still have an acting "career" after Dawson's Creek ended?
As always, grades are subject to change. Comments will follow... sometime or another.

The Saddest Music in the World *** (82 / A-)
The only appropriate comparison I can offer is Moulin Rouge, and if people thought that musical was inaccessible, I don't know what they'll make of this one. Creepy, ludicrous and weird, this film has been haunting me for days. Stylistically, it's a director's wet dream, and the cinematography and art direction are among the best I've seen this year. But what's more, it's a wickedly funny burlesque comedy that embraces melodrama and artifice as its models. Shot through various filters and desaturated in palette, this is more an idealized fantasy land than a true depiction of Depression-era melancholy. Despite the fact it initially seems one-note and gimmicky, its hunger for parody never waned, and neither did my involvement with the film overall. Mark McKinney and Isabella Rosselini are perfectly cast as the two warring lovers.

The Door in the Floor ** (48 / C-)
This one has been enjoying a resurgence by critics late in the season, the pleas being not to forget this little "gem". Indeed. The Door in the Floor has a myriad of problems, the least of which is its awkward transition from the novel to screen. Most damaging is its indecisiveness in tonality, veering from dysfunctional-family drama to slapstick physical comedy. Jeff Bridges and Kim Basinger are fine, but their characters are so poorly conceived that it's impossible to fault their potrayals (the latter especially, since the character's psychological trauma is so superficially handled).

9'11"01 **1/2 (63 / B-)
The segments range from excellent (Makhmalbaff, Ouedraogo) to good (Tanovic), mediocre (Nair, Loach) to bad (Penn, Chahine) and finally - absolutely offensive (Gonzalez Inarritu). Taken as a whole, it's rarely solid. Inarritu should be punched in the face for his contribution.

The Deep End *** (71 / B+)

The Rules of Attraction **1/2 (56 / C+)

Side note re: Director's Guild of America nominations - Taylor Hackford (Ray) and Marc Forster (Finding Neverland)?? WTF!!!??
King Arthur - Meh. Whatever.

The Color Of Money - I like Tom Cruise, but he was unbearable in this flick, and frankly, I don't see why so many people love this movie. Newman was the only reason to watch it.

Darkness (uncut) - Act one and two were crap, but the third was on the money. Anna is always easy on the eyes.

Ghost In The Shell 2: Innocence - Magnificent. Every bit as good as the first. When is The Man gonna break down and make a flat out action movie all ready?

The Rules Of Attraction - Second viewing of this was much better. Funny flick, and Van Der Beek is actually pretty damn cool as Patrick Bateman's little brother. I love to see him lose it...
call this a guilty pleasure... i don't know why i enjoy this movie, but i find it very watchable..upon first viewing, it was the whole "i have no idea what is going to happen next" because it seems to have no boundaries...sometimes it tries too hard to be shocking, but it still scores points for straying from the typical.. james van der beek is a trip, i hate him in everything else i've ever seen him in, but his character is pretty cool in this...the movie reminds me of the much better film "go" and there is far too much repulsive stuff going on in this film for me not to recommend it
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