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The Rocky Horror Picture Show 1975

A newly engaged couple have a breakdown in an isolated area and must pay a call to the bizarre residence of Dr. Frank-N-Furter...

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I dont know why people didn't liked this movie .. I really enjoyed this movie & tim curry wearing those heels WOW ! those are really pretty heels & So How did you walked in them ?! But yeah you know like lot of Musical stuff in this movie ... But come on Tim curry's expressions ! you know that scene " How about that " & That one too " Dont be upset .. it was a mercy killing " Wow it was a really good movie to me but if there was not too much music & dance stuff it would be 9/10 :3 Although it was a great movie 8.5/10 !
I thought it was gonna be disturbing but it was just disappointing. wouldn't watch it again.
Yes this movie is a cult movie. In a true sense. Unconventional, disturbing some time. But a ture classic cult movie worth watching.
Just watched this movie for the first time and I got to say it was defiantly weird I'm not a big fan of musicals but this movie was enjoyable also Susan Sarandon was pretty hot back then and Tim Curry wearing women's underwear and makeup was at first hard to look at but after a bit his character becomes more entertaining.

Having read through some of the comments on this movie, I have to ask...
The guy who said Charles Grey (He's okay!) was the only part of the movie that he liked... Is that someone trying to troll, or is that actually the epitome of what this movie is trying to stamp out? People who make immediate judgements based on things they obviously don't understand.

Its a true cult classic, one of the best imo

3/4--This film is wildly wacky entertainment! The iconic cult classic that fills you with laughter and weirdness. A abnormal musical not to be missed.
Iconic cult classic. Best musical I've even seen because of its high energy and excellent cast.
This movie gives the meaning to cult classics everywhere and has yet to lose its luster for over twenty-five years. Extremely energetic and entertaining, this movie will continue to live on for years to come.
My Favourite Musical this is awesome Tim Curry as the crazy Dr. Frankenfurter in his Crazy House with all this crazy People and Barry Bostwick and Susan Sarandon as the square Couple who learn what Fun is are hillarious
bizarre and freaky, yet one of the best
One of my favorite movie musicals. Everytime I see it it seems to get better and better. I want to stand up and do the 'Time Warp' and head out to see a 'Science Fiction/Double Feature' at the local theatre. Great performances all around. The definition of a cult classic.
There is nothing I would change about this movie. Not one character, no one line, not one song, not even the cheesy special effects. This movie is bizarre, strange, and weird in the best of ways. The songs are fun, and probably would be even better at a midnight showing. I, and I don't think anyone, can give a description of The Rocky Horror Picture Show that would do it justice. It's just one of those things you have to experience, because that's really what it is, an experience.
The Best
A masterpiece of a B-movie with funny jokes, sexual innuendo and songs-it's hard not to at least crack a smile while watching the film.
I love this movie. It ia amazing movie that pokes fun at covention and the world of B-movies. best with all the peops and lines..." I always cry at weddings" response : I bet you laugh at funerals.
As anyone who has actually listened to the recordings of the original London and Roxy cast know, Richard O'Brian's masterpiece isn't as fun or exciting in film format. However, it is still one of the best damn musicals ever written and this movie is DYNAMITE!
This movie is obviously a cult classic, and people have been going to shows in crazy costumes, yelling at the screen, and singing along to the musical numbers for decades. But, as a film, without all the music, it just seems very strange.

Tim Curry is obviously brilliant in his role as the strange Dr. Frankenfurter. And, Barry Bostwick had moments as Brad Majors, but, the rest of the cast just seemed like B-movie actors, including Susane Sarandon even though she also had some moments. It was all just so weird.

I saw the movie in a packed theater for the fist time back in 1986, and the people were dancing in the aisles, and throwing toast, and I didn't really get what all the excitement was about. The music was great, but, the movie was just so dark, and dare I say...kinda bizarre.

I guess it is one of those movies where you really like all of it, or you'll probably hate it. I recently purchased the DVD, and, it is obviously not the same experience sitting in your living room watching rocky horror alone, without all the madness that explodes when you watch it in a packed theater. I do still like the movie, but only because I have seen it in the theater, otherwise I don't know what to think.

I wonder what a first timer...or "rocky horror virgin" would think of this flick. Most people I talk to who saw it for the first time, didn't like it, but, they enjoyed the tunes.

I didn't give it a 100 percent rating, because I don't think the movie itself is that good.
Countless scenes of the film rely more on references, jokes or even events consisting around sex. There are enough of these scenes to turn any movie-goer instantly disgusted, proving that the film hasn't aged very well. Meat Loaf's short cameo seems to be the only redeeming quality about this film, aside from being able to easily make fun of it. While easily entertained people will possibly enjoy this film, people that look for more than immature and childish jokes about sex will give this film a miss. I'll give the writers credit though, they actually know what sex is.
The most bizzare musical that you are likely witness.Mindless gender bending schlock.I like it.The music is awesome.LETS DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN.
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