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The Ringer 2005

A young guy's only option to erase a really bad debt is to rig the Special Olympics by posing as a contestant...

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Trailer Rating: Riging the special olympics to win lucrative bets. If you thought it was heinous when Family Guy and South Park did it in their cartoons, then I guess you'll think this is live action. Johnny Knoxville stars in this movie which I would not say gives it any more credibilty. All that said, I'm a deplorable human being and barring a second trailer that looks like poo, this looks interesting enough to rent.
I didn't have high hopes for this film but I thought it would atleast be fifty percent funny. I found the whole movie to be laugh-free. Johnny Knoxville has come out with many films that have been bashed by critics like Walking Tall and Dukes of Hazzard. Suprisingly, I liked both of those films so I thought I would also like this film. The Ringer shows Knoxville's limitations as an actor and it shows that he can't really carry a film on his own. The biggest problem with the film is its screenplay. The film is not edgy or offensive. It is also not inspirational or warm-hearted. Also, the ending was very sloppy and unbelievable. Overall, a very dull film which should be avoided.
I pissed my pants, and gooed my buns.
It was a great movie.
Loved it. Feel good movie, with an important message. Do go see it.
Hillarious movie; and the Special Olympians are shown with great respect. If you don't want to be left out of the jokes at the office water cooler, don't miss it. By this time next week I expect to hear, "I would definitely bring protection" and "Oh my lanta" several times a day. And I'm sure people will be waving each other a "Stavi hello". Gotta see it!
I love The Ringer.. It's a great movie
I had big hopes for this movie. What could have been funny was played-down, and what wasn't very funny was used too much. It was as if the producers were afraid to really let the humor occur, and it fell flat. If you're going to make fun of a topic such as this, you need to really go for it -- "Jackass" style -- or not do it at all. The poignant and tender scenes weren't enough, and not what people went to the move to see.
Probably not worth your $7.50 (I paid $4.75 for the matinee version).
Every time there's a "laugh," you feel guilty for laughing because the joke involves a mentally challenged person. It's got a good message, but as a comedy, it just doesn't cut it. I'll say this for it though: the mentally challanged actors are very very good.
Johnny Knoxville, on the other hand...not funny.
Well, I went to see "The Ringer" the other day; I really enjoyed it! I liked it because it was made with Special Olympics and the athletes within it with heart. I'm a Special Olympics Athlete, so it was nice to laugh with people without developmental disabilities at such a sensitive subject to talk about. Plus, it was awesome to see Special Olympics athlete competing throughout the whole thing. Most of the extras and main actors are really Special Olympics Athletes. It rocks that The Farrelly Bro's and Ricky Blitt teamed up to make a movie that had a couple of great laughs! If anything, I think people should go see it because it shows athletes in an positive uplifting comedy. Sure, it has some vulgar words in it like that are offensive to the Disabled community, but as said by the Farrelly brothers, they wanted to show people using the words freely and by the end of the movie have people find the word horrible to use. Plus, Johnny Knoxville gets beat-up and falls a lot; not too different from his show "Jack Ass" anyways. The Special Olympics athletes in there get their chance to be funny and have comedy that was actually improvised. So, this may be a touchy subject, but if Special Olympic Athletes and people from the disabled community laugh in the theatre while watching it and people without disabilities watch it too. Than the Farrelly brothers have reached their point.

They are hoping that this is a start, not a big jump, but just a start at making people treat people like myself, with more equality as anyone else in the country. We won't be treated as, I guess you could say "outcasts." It's a horrible idea to rig the Special Olympics, but once Knoxville's character spends more time with the athletes, the more respect he gains for them and how fun they can be to hang of with.
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