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The Ring 2002

A journalist must investigate a mysterious videotape which seems to cause the death of anyone in a week of viewing it...

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Imdb rating: 7.1

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The best movie ever

This movie will give you the creeps for sure! This has all of the factors to make a great horror film.
I didn't expect this movie to be much because it was a remake,but I was wrong.This movie actually scary.I watched it at night so it gave more impact.So I recommend this to all horror fans and normal movie watchers.
Freaky movie, but hated it after the horse gets killed. That was just wrong.
Oh man I love this flick! This is great modern horror right here!!! and there isn't much of that!
This movie is one of the most scariest movies ever. Since i saw the Blair witch project. This just proves that with no gore and little cgi you can scare the s@#t out of somebody.
very rare these days to find a scary movie with a good plot and great actors at the same time. The Ring is a very creepy horror but more thriller film. like many this movie has spawned many other films like it, but don't even come close to being as good. solid film

*** out of 4
I hated this movie its terrible.Its very creepy and scary but yet dumb.
The movie is well done and I can't say how effective it is because the Scary Movie series ruined it for me. I knew what was happening to early but I could see how they controlled what they audience was feeling. Its something few horror movies do well most just go for gore or formulaic scares. This used a similar twist approach to a Nolan or a Shamylan film. The ring uses its ending better than most shamylan films it doesn't go for a clear oh i get it moment it still holds abstract elements to it things still unanswered.
One of the best modern horror movies. I dreamed about that little girl for 3 weeks! I saw this in theaters twice (so I wouldn't die - great marketing!). It does loose some of its effect off the big screen, due to the "freaky" details that can't be seen on a small screen. This American-style movie is much better, in my opinion, to the Japanese original. It deals with a lot of relevant social topics in modern culture, particularly about the media: Why aren't you monitoring what your children are watching? Why are we so obsessed with other people's personal tragedies? As one character says (paraphrased), "What is it about you journalists? You take one person's tragedy and you spread it around like a disease!" The icing is that it's beautifully and scarily directed - the music, the visuals. I can only describe the style as a screen version of Edvard Munch-like horror in his painting "The Scream"
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