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If you haven't watched this movie then you should our linkers have excellent links to it and Al Pacino is my favorite actor he gives a great performance...
I just found it ok. Maybe had I watched this when it first came out, I would be a little more enthused about it. However, after a few Colin movies with more or less the same outsider-gets-the-girl-and-saves-the-day stories (Total Recall most recently, I have grown tired of the genre. Yes, it is a serviceable movie and the Pacino/Ferrel mix is good, but I have seen it before. Or maybe had I seen this first, I would have said the same about Total Recall.
Overall though, it works, so don't be discouraged about watching it. Just be aware it is a bit formulaic yet still pretty entertaining.
AHH I got this in the mail today from netflix and I was excited, because ive never seen it int he theatre before. I found it action packed and especially liked Colin's acting! I just didn't like how he was motivated.."to find out about his father" BLAAH how clich...! I liked the twist and turns this movie had, it kept me entertained through the full 151 minutes, which was surprising
I'm impressed. Initially, when I saw the trailers, I didn't expect much. Truth is this movie is a highly exciting! I always enjoy movies that keep you guessing and suprise viewers with twists and turns - this one does a good job of that. One of the ideas running througout the film, is to trust no one. Remember that!
I saw 'The Recruit' today in my regular cinema.
I like this movie very very much, it has suspense, eroctic and action and I didn't had a clue about the end and that's always good when a movie suprises me!
Personally when the movie would have been rated R it would be definatly my type of a movie....but it's cool anyway!
I like movies that deal with the CIA.
Colin Farrell and Al Pacino did a very good job, sometimes Al PAcino reminded me of his part in 'The Devil's Advocate'!
The soundtrack was cool, some of the camera movements and the editing was also okay!

So my advice to you guys is rent the movie on DVD and see I think you are going to like it!
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I kinda skipped out of here on a down note last time. To be truthful, I'm not doing too awful - I've actually come to like the taste of ramen.

Currently watching The Recruit. I really think Colin Farrell has potential to be one of the best actors of the next 30 years. It's not a great movie, but fun.

Gonna see The Passion late tonight, and might check out Twisted this afternoon. I'm sure you'll hear back from me then.

Other than that, not much worth noting. I put up ratings of stuff I watched Yesterday, so I don't lose my way. Oh, and I finally watched I.Q. after wanting to for so long. I still love it. I should add that.

OK, I did.
I like films like this... Yes, it's generic hollywood stuff, but still.

Maybe it's Pacino, i love the guy.

The Recruit wasn't an overly bad film - for starters it starred Al Pacino and Colin Farrell - but the majority of the twists and turns were to be expected and it seemed to overplay the "nothing is what it seems" theme by constantly reminding you of that fact throughout the course of the film.

But still I do enjoy a spy thriller, and this did fill that gap and entertained me on some level!
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