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The Pursuit of Happyness 2006

A struggling salesman takes custody of his son as he's poised to begin a life-changing professional endeavor...

Release Date:
December 14, 2006, UTC
117 min
Gabriele Muccino
John Patrick Shulak, 3002823, Ming Lo, ...
Drama, Biography

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Imdb rating:7.9

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This is a great movie. It's saddening and emotional, for sure. One to remember, especially for Will Smith.
argh, I finally watched it, but it took me a while. I believe it's a good movie but I never watch it again, how can somebody take so many stupid desicions ? even if it is based on a true story, nobody is that stupid or is it ? movie wise 7,5/10, for me 2/10.
A rags to riches story. Did anyone else notice the politics of this movie, how it's written, it makes you feel soooo sorry and want will smith to be rich! I mean i loved it and it did make me cry but sneaky sneaky!
Motivational film. Very Inspiring.

This is everything you will expect this movie to be, well acted, touching, a little sad, and very uplifting. A great family movie and really a great movie for everyone. Will Smith proves he can play more than just Will Smith and also that acting runs in the family. See it you won't be dissappointed.
Release Date: December 8, 2006

There was a time in America -- long before my time or the time of my parents, when most Americans worked hard, overcame great obstacles and drove themselves toward a small ideal known as the pursuit of happiness. It was known as the American Dream, or at least it was the path to get there. But since then much has changed about America. Now instead of overcoming our own personal obstacles and living the American Dream, we would much rather watch it all happen to someone else by way of the silver screen.

We would much rather watch stories like that of Chris Gardner, a struggling bone density scanner salesman who lived with his young son on the streets of San Francisco for months as he pursued a career as a stock broker. Gardner's story is a perfect example of determination and will -- the unrelenting need to move forward toward making things better for himself and his son. It is a wonderful tale that embodies the spirit of those generations of the past. Unfortunately, translated into film as The Pursuit of Happyness starring Will Smith, the story loses its flare thanks to a poorly illustrated narrative that seems a bit "runny".

Smith, who plays Gardner, co-stars for the first time ever with his young son Jaden, instantly giving authenticity to the on screen father-son relationship that is so important to the story. Jaden almost steals the show from Dad, playing cute and curious like he's been taking notes from Dakota Fanning. Daddy Will also delivers a strong performance. He bears an uncanny likeness to the real Chris Gardner, upon whose book the film is based, and his delivery during the most disheartening moments of the film is spot on.

And it is those moments that define most of the film, leaving it a mostly depressing mess of jumbled storylines and character overdevelopment -- something that can happen in the transfer from book to screen. The film takes what seems like forever to get to any signs of hope for Chris Gardner, losing the attention of the audience along the way.

Whether it is due to poor pacing by the film's director or a lackluster adaption of the original material, this film moves agonizingly slow. The only thing moving fast is Will Smith -- literally. Sometimes he is late for a job interview and others he is chasing down hippies who have stolen one of his bone density scanners, his only source of income, but he always seems to be sprinting through the streets of San Francisco -- it unfortunately is one of the most entertaining parts of the film.

What will ultimately save the film in the eyes of the mainstream audience is the fact that Will Smith and his son are as good together on screen as they probably are off screen. Their relationship glows in an otherwise dark environment, leaving something to enjoy for audiences. If you can get past the depressing nature of this film and the overabundance of Will Smith athleticism, then you may want to give The Pursuit of Happyness a chance. Otherwise, I would recommend doing what I did -- and buy the book instead.
Brimming with heart, poignancy, and a healthy dose of humor, Pursuit of Happyness is poised to be the feel-good drama of the year. Breaking away from his traditional comedic (and alien fighting) roles, Will Smith proves his extensive range of acting abilities as he tackles the multi-layered persona of Ben Gardner. Starting with little, losing that, and then finding hope and redemption through his unyielding determination, Smith forges a powerhouse performance in his most heartfelt role.......
This movie is heartbreaking. It makes you really appreciate what you have. I prayed and thanked Jehovah for what I had halfway through this movie. You can't help but feel for this father and son. And even despite this emotional upheaval of a movie there are still interlacings of humor that add a heartwarming effect to the movie.

Highly recommend this movie. Just make sure to bring a few tissues, and remember never to forsake what you have, because this movie shows you that it can always be worse.
You know what's great? When a preview for a movie looks incredible and emotional and gives you high expectations, and then you see it, and all expectations are exceeded. Sometimes, this doesn't happen, and the preview is actually better than the film itself (cough, "Flags of Our Fathers," cough). Luckily, this isn't the case with "The Pursuit of Happyness." No, sir. The previews made this look like an emotional, powerful film about following dreams and clinging to hope, and it delivers on every level.

Will Smith stars as Chris Gardner, an ambitious salesman trying to make ends meet selling an overpriced portable bone density scanner. He has a nagging wife and an adorable son, who is played by Smith's real son. Chris enters a rigorous internship at a stock broker and finds himself in a whirlwind, as his family, home, and job all start to collapse under the overwhelming pressure he feels from all sides.

Watching Chris as he sees opportunity after opportunity slip away and plan after plan fail is absolutely heartbreaking. Every time it seems like he finally has found a lucky break, something goes wrong. Will Smith is perfect in the role, ably portraying loving father, the smooth businessman (somewhat reminiscent of his character in "Hitch"), and the man desperate for happiness, not only for himself, but his son, as well.

However, thankfully, the movie has a happy ending, one of the happiest endings of any movie I have ever seen. You'll find yourself wanting to yell out or clap, or maybe a tear will just come to your eye (I know that's true for me). Few movies are able to stir so much emotion, and the wonderful thing is that none of it feels forced. The entire cast is great and make for a fascinating look at the business world, and the world in general, and what it takes to get to the top.

Smith absolutely deserves his current Golden Globe nomination, and honestly, I think the film should have taken one of the spots in the Best Picture category. No movie this year has made me this happy, and so, the pursuit is a success.
To be honest, before seeing this movie, I wasn't excited about it. Little did I know I would walk out loving it!

Will Smith does a fantastic job in bringing us into his world. We feel his struggles, his suffering, his sorrow and his hardship. He takes us along his very bumpy journey to accomplishment. Will Smith does a great job in living his role.

The film is inspired by a true story. And watching this film you feel inspired by what this person went through to get to the top. The film does a great job in portraying those struggles so when the character achieves we feel that achievement and want to celebrate along.

But also, along with the sorrows, the movie also shows the humorous side of the character which allows for some funny chase scenes. And the father-and-son dynamic is delightful.

This is an inspiring and emotional film. I highly recommend it. It's a great story with excellent performances. There's nothing wrong with a happy ending.
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