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loved it !!
just a good old fashioned 'comfort' movie as i call them :) great when you just wanna a girlie night in :)
I love this movie! Aside from being romantic, It made me laugh so much! I was so surprised at the great chemistry between Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock. It might be predictable but that didn't matter to me, I knew what I set out to watch and I was very much entertained :-)
this movie is hilarious, if you don't laugh at least once...message me and give me some s*%t.
I saw the whole movie in that stupid trailer >:l
One of my favorite movie now. It makes me laugh. Ryan & Sandra had great chemistry together!
Loved the chant/rap scene.
To the window, to the wall, the sweat drips down my balls, all you b1tches crawl! Lemme see ya get low, you scared you scared.
Drop your butt to the floor, you scared you scared. Now stop! WOO! Now wiggle it. Now stop! WOO! Now jiggle it! lol

its work owsum.....

Mildly entertaining and predictable. I only watched this movie because I think Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds have great comedic timing. I don't know, all movies like this are a fail so I'm not sure what I was expecting.
This movie was quite funny, but predictable.
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