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The Prophecy 1995

The angel Gabriel comes to Earth to collect a soul which will end the stalemated war in Heaven, and only a former priest and a little girl can stop him...

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Imdb rating: 6.6



the new Messenger from CW reminded me of this movie & Christopher Walkins... I have this and the set in my dvd collection and has been watched over so many times and years
stupid movie, bad acting...
Has there ever been a greater trio of actors playing angels in one movie? Christopher Walken as Gabriel, Viggo Mortenson as Lucifer and Eric Stoltz as Simon. Absopositively splendiferous!

Favorite quote from this movie: "Study your math, kids...key to the universe."
@Soledad You forgot Viggo's nice little performance at the end :)
I LOVE these movies.
There is also 'The Prophecy' II & III w/Walken...
This movie was really weird and very anti Christian. I had its good parts but I did not think it was that great. But Viggo as Lucifer yum I love this quote "Lucifer: Little Tommy Daggett... would say such *beautiful* beautiful prayers, and then you would hop into bed, afraid that *I* was under there... and
I was! " now that made me laugh!

Christopher... I love you... you may not be the best actor at allll times, but your voice (True Crime Streets of LA on x-box has his voice as well btw) and your presence have captured me since you first came on my screen in your black coat and fingertips of fire in the Prophecy. *sigh* I'd be submissive for you, Gabriel, anytime! ;-)

The Prophecy... love it! the Book of Revelations continues with the final battle between heaven and hell. Who are the good angels and who are the bad? Some have fallen since we last read in the Bible and Christian/Muslim myths... and the take on angels is more historically based and "true" in that way than most hollywood movies and society ussually are willing to go...

it gets a high rating for those reasons... but keep in mind that this is my favorite genre of movies so if you didn't like The Omen... don't watch this either.. unless you, too, drool over Walken in black. :)

Oh, and prophecy 2 is ok... 3 SUCKS. Omen 2 is psychologically better than one (watching Damien grapple with the truth) but 3 really sucks as well.
My laptop crashed today. Grrr.
I know that these are not the complete series of these films, but the movie stores a little behind in getting movies. Can you believe that no video store has Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest? I'm not paying 14 bucks for it.
Children of the Corn
Based on Steven King book, ties in a moral lesson, boring as hell. Summed it up in a sentence so digestion will be smoother. That one kid was just the most hideous looking kid. I was laughing because of the South Park spoof of this film. Stick to other horror by King if you can resist it.
Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice
Yeah if you don't count the other 5 sequels. Like most sequels it tries to show the processes and utterly fails on all levels. Had some good laughs but I just hate it when cats are killed in films.
The Prophecy
It's a decent film, until the end when it feels rushed and a bit hokey. Walken is a good psycho character. However, it could have been much better.
The Prophecy 2: Ashtown
Apparently there is more than one prophecy for the end of mankind. This changed story is just too weak and should have never been made.
The Prophecy 3: The Ascent
More angel crap, why stay on this Mr. Walken? Go outside or something.
Angels and the Devil have been reinvented in The Prophecy. Walken plays angel Gabriel, formerly God's primary dispenser of his wrath, but now an ignored and disgruntled former employee. He's not happy about the 'monkeys' (humans) taking center stage in God's eye, so he means to put things back the way they used to be.

The filmmakers decided that angels, having some aspects of birds, such as wings, should perch whenever possible. So a dead giveaway that whoever's onscreen is an angel is if they're perching. They stand too but thats after they must've gotten tired of perching.

Walken is good as always, and as this movie is about 10 years old, he wasn't paunchy yet. A surprise is Viggo Mortensen, doing respectable work as a profoundly evil Lucifer, who for his own devilish reasons helps the humans combat Gabriel. Madsen is the best 'monkey'/human. She has a good screen presence.

The DVD has almost no extras. It looks good and has a decent if pedestrian sound track. The DVD gets a 7/10.
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