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The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement 2004

Now settled in Genovia, Princess Mia faces a new revelation: she is being primed for an arranged marriage to an English suitor...

Release Date:
August 10, 2004, UTC
113 min
Garry Marshall
Bonnie Aarons, Kazumi Nakamura, Chris Pine, ...
Drama, Thriller, Comedy, ...

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Solar rating:8.7


Imdb rating:5.7

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It was a real struggle to find a link where the audio didn't skip. I did find a recent upload that was totally fine, so if you have any troubles, just use one of the recent links.
And as always, Thank you, Linkers!
hey y'all u all really need to read these books theyre the princess diaries series...i was called a prep when i was in alabama but now maybe i am denying it know i dont know u all also have to go and see the second one it is going to be great...robert schwartzman is in it and he is gorgeous!!! well anywayz thats all for now ttyl
Movie Review: The Princess Diaries 2

Opening Wednesday August 11 is yet another sequel, this time being the kids' movie "The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement." "The Princess Diaries 2" continues to follow the life of Princess Mia (Anne Hathaway) who as a teenager found out she was a princess. Except this time, Princess Mia must find a husband in thirty days or she will not be able to rule as Queen. So begins the search for an eligible bachelor to wed, and if she doesn't, the throne is forfeited to another member of the bloodline Sir Nicholas.

The story line of "The Princess Diaries 2" is much overused. We've seen where the girl is getting married to another man, but secretly loves the only man she shouldn't have many times. There's nothing that is unique about the idea. In some areas "The Princess Diaries 2" tries to be too funny. In the original, jokes about Mia's clumsiness were fresh, and they were funny. In "The Princess Diaries 2" they once again tried to cash in on Mia's clumsiness. But the jokes got so repetitive that it just wasn't funny anymore. The same goes for the guard whose voice constantly cracks while he yells. At some point I was like, okay we have seen this before it's no longer funny. The beginning of the movie is also much too slow. It takes far too long to get to the heart of movie; it just seems a little drawn out.

This movie wasn't all bad though; it did have some positive qualities. First, being Julie Andrews. She is a great actress and really plays the role of the queen well. She is so friendly; she appears to be the epitome of a great queen. She also provides a lot of the laughable parts in the movie. Even though some jokes were recycled many times, it was actually pretty funny. You can't help but laugh at Mia's wild antics and all of the other zany characters in the movie. It lacks some of the witty humor the first movie possessed, but I still laughed at a lot of the scenes. But this is an example of a movie where the sequel did not live up to the status of the original. The ending seems to be very predictable but actually it isn't as easy to figure out as one might think. Still bits of the ending are obvious, but not the entire thing. Overall, "The Princess Diaries 2," is a family feel good movie. It will make you smile and you'll have a fun time watching it.
MOVIE.....who do the critics think want to see was fun, pleasant, enjoyable.........etc.,.....relax...go see it....take your daughter loved it(so did I-the Dad) PD1 first...just as good as PD2...will appreciate PD2 better.
I took my step-daughter to the preshowing of this very cute movie. I found myself enjoying the movie - I didn't have to think too much and I could laugh at just plain silliness. The "critics" (and I use that term loosely) need to lighten up and think about what this movie was intended for - it's not Shakespear for goodness sake. My little girl had a blast! As a matter of fact so did I! I guess just sitting back and enjoying a cute (and that's exactly what it is) movie is not the "critics" idea of fun.
this movie was hilarious and romantic in several ways. i just love this movie and the first one made me understand this movie more.
Princess Diaries was just what I expected! A perfect childrens fairytale with the "Kids Parts and Jokes" which I didnt even smile at. Anne Hathaway had her good and bad points, but Chris Pine (Mia's bf) takes the crown! He was SOOOOO attractive and a wonderful actor full of charm! Julie Andrews was not at her best, neither was the singing! Overall I thought it was sooo cute and I would watch it again but probably not buy it!
In a word.......ODIOUS

The sequel in guilding the lily of the original, killed the lilly.

The girl power reaks and is a micro-thin smear over an insidious worship of wealth and priviledge in set pieces that could only come from the worst of Disney imagineering of what a European principality could be. Yuck, Yuck, Yuck....not to mention BORING.

This movie makes me smile because it is sweet and lighthearted. I would suggest this movie to anyone.

this movie kinda freaked me out in some parts. but overall it was a good movie. i don't know what people are watching when they say it's not good. see another thing when you expect too much out of the movie. i guess i haven't seen a lot of action movies lately so this was a good change. and for all the girls who like Will Smith... you get to see his butt.
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