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This is probably my favorite Nolan movie. It will satisfy you all the way through allowing you to think you have figured it out. Then the end will rock your world in a very electrifying way. This one does not disappoint. 9/10
Heh, not bad at all.
This was more than what I had expected, alot more.
Good flick.
awsome tesla rules
Amazing movie ... good Ending didnt thought of it 9/10
@uunio ... yeah, you're talking about "The Illusionist" with Ed Norton & Jessica Biel (Beil?). Anyways, I genuinely enjoyed both of them but the Prestige really* stood out to me.
I love the darker, almost sinister, undertones (before "dark & gritty" became hackneyed); the obsession vs. dedication subtext; the eerie/wondrous direction; and the fact that they paid homage to Nikola Tesla with a sci-fi twist? Just -- awesome.
I know it's far from perfect, but boring? Was it because it's more of a character study or...? Maybe I'm just biased lol =P
I think it was just ok and came out almost the exact same time another magic type movie of almost the same nature did. I got them both confused for the longest time. Maybe I'll give this one a re-watch but I remember thinking it was kind of boring. @dopilus
Any movie lover should give this film a shot. One of my top 10 all-time favorites.
Hugh Jackman & Micheal Cain. (David Bowie plays Dr. Tesla). EXCELLENT entertainment. Well written and great cast. You won't be dissapointed. Loved the twists! 10/10
Great movie ! 8.5/10 good cast, good story !!
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