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The Pink Panther 2006

Bumbling Inspector Clouseau must solve the murder of a famous soccer coach and find out who stole the infamous Pink Panther diamond...

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Great movie, Cracked up laughing when chief got hit with the badge :P

Where was the humor?? I chuckled a couple of times but most of the jokes do not work and overall just a stupid film.
Quite a few funny parts but does not compare to the original Peter Sellers performance.That's all i have to say.
the question is are they funny

some laughs

Scary Movie
don't do that again please

the Benchwarmers
one laugh the rest is a sleeper

Pink Panther
Please get steve martin out of that character
I have never seen any of the original Pink Panther movies. Well, I did see Son of the Pink Panther, but I don't think that one really counts (I'm sure Roberto Benigni doesn't think so either...). The trailers for this film were fairly amusing. Nothing hilarious, but just enough for me to be interested enough to go see it in the theaters. I was very surprised by the result on screen. Truthfully, I was expecting a bland, unfunny, offensive display of Hollywood's desparity for new, original ideas. What I got was a clever, funny remake of what is widely hailed as a classic comedy.

The basic plot of The Pink Panther follows the stolen diamond of the same name. The diamond was supposedly stolen of the dead body of the head coach of France's soccer team. The head coach is assassinated in the middle of a victory celebration, and the diamond is mysteriously gone from his finger. Chief of Police Kevin Kline calls in Clouseau so he will have a patsy to screw up the investigation, making him look like the hero, and he will then win his long sought after Medal of Honor.

Steve Martin is truly hilarious as Inspector Clouseau. There were plenty of scene that had me laughing just because of his ridiculously overdone French accent. Clouseau is stupid. And that is the basis of most of the jokes throughout the movie, including a lot of physical humor that doesn't work quite as well as the filmmakers would like. The physical gags were the least funny part of the money, while Steve Martin was what really saved the film. Just listening to him have a conversation with another character was well worth the admission price. And really, Martin is the only source of comedy that the film has to offer, so it is really lucky that he is incredibly funny and talented. Kevin Kline really isn't the funny of an actor, and is given no funny material to work with. Beyonce is pretty much there for her looks, not her acting ability, and she plays a fairly minor role in the film. Jean Reno, as Clouseaus's "sidekick" is humorous at moments, but overall he is just another character necessary to complete the movie.

Overall, The Pink Panther is worth seeing. If you are a fan of Steve Martin, you will absolutely love this film, as I believe it his best in a long time (not that it has much to compete with.........Cheaper by the Dozen), and he is obviously the anchor of the film, and the filmmakers know that and milk his character completely dry. By the end of the film, I actually liked the characters in the movie, and I walked out of the theater genuinely enjoying what I had just seen. I don't know why the critics hated this film so much, but at least give it a chance, and I guarantee you at least a couple of good laughs.
Plotline: In the modern remake of the 1964 classic, Steve Martin plays the infamous Inspector Clouseau, bumbling upon clue after clue as he attempts to discover the whereabouts of the Pink Panther Diamond, which was stolen, during a French soccer match, under mysterious circumstances.

Review: Unfortunately exposed to another failed remake due to the boredom of a six hour drive, I can now say that I have witnessed the very lowest of the low when it comes to physical comedy. Although Martin squeezed a laugh or too out of me, the overall comedy was way over done. I mean really, since when is a siren flying off a police car and hitting a lady passing by funny or clever? Why is it that these filmmakers think that they have to sink to such comedic lows to draw laughs? It's truly unfortunate that Martin's talents were once again wasted through cheap physical comedy. We may never again see him perform as he did under John Hughes. Thank you very much Shawn Levy.

Who I liked: Martin, even under these constraints, squeezed a laugh or two out of me.

Best: Clive Owen's Bond farewell.

Worst: Relentless onslaughts of cheap gags: I.E. Siren hitting the old woman.

Tomatometer: 21%
Users: 45%
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I must say I didn't have very high expectations for this movie. I thought this would be another over advertised movie where all the funny parts had already been shown on commercials. It was a pleasent suprise to be proven wrong. Also a great job done to have the absolute funniest part of the movie at the very end. Could not stop laughing as the credits came up... Laughing all over again just thinking about it.
A nice lazy Sunday afternoon in Brussels with my boyfriend. He whips out The Pink Panther... I felt momentarily guilty for not knowing that a remake was done... and off we went.

Opening scene... horrible. I don't like slapstick that involves stupid violence and old people... and there were 2 in the space of 2 minutes. I nearly turned off... but persevered through the movie... although it didn't get my full attention. The Pink Panther is now a diamond ring... there is a football team... I'm all for modernisation and progress, but the original is obscenely better than this riff-raff.

At the end... it's a kids disney movie and I"m not going to think to much about it. There are a few really funny laugh-out-loud scenes ala 'I would like a hamburger'... and Steve Martin's overdone French accent is hilarious.
What could have possibly happened between my last entry and this one, hmm? *shadows of marching brooms with pails appear beyond door*
Sure - Steve Martin isn't Peter Sellers, but he really takes the character and makes it his own. Take it for what it is and laugh it up. A good time if you're looking for one.
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