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The Passion of the Christ 2004

Depicts the final twelve hours in the life of Jesus of Nazareth, on the day of his crucifixion in Jerusalem...

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Non Christians won't understand it tho
The Movie rates as the best ever depiction of the life of Jesus Christ.It moves the audience through the scenes with a brilliant peformance and reflections which make it a masterpiece. It leaves one really hoping that they never ever sin again and have a real horror for sin which is the true cause of the passion. The actors and the director have certainly outdone themselves.Thank you very much for such a wonderful screen play. You will suffer much for it but your reward will be great!
Greatly told the suffering of the almighty Jesus Christ and his epic journey before being slain by his family:everyone. Mel Gibson may have not known how to make the film interesting for non catholics but this film had seriously touched all the catholics.
This could be the definitive film on the easter encounter. For me it was hard to watch at times for the gore but that's what he went through for me, and that's what makes it hard to watch. Talk about a movie that stays with you after you seen it!
This movie takes a good hard look at the physical suffering of Jesus. It doesn't try to tell the entire story of the gospel, but since the Bible and other sources really don't give you any details about what a crucifixion involves this helps you to understand what He really went through. I don't believe that this film is anti-semetic. Yes there are Jews that ask for Jesus' execution, but there are also other Jews that are asking for mercy for Jesus. It is just a fact that Jesus appeared at a time and place where Jews lived. It is important to note that Christian theology says that ALL humans put Christ on the cross and that it was God's will that put Him there ultimately. I believe that this movie is objective in its' portrayal of the people that lived during the time of Christ. I don't believe that this movie is for everyone. As a Christian I feel that is has deepened my appreciation for what Christ went through. Others will be put off by the violence. Not everyone needs to see this level of violence. But for some individuals like me it was helpful to fully understand what Christ willingly did.
It is what it is. nothing i can write would do this film any sort of justice.
there is really nothing that you can say about this film, it is very hard to sit throuh watching the extreme beatings that Christ took, but if you can sit through that then you will be able to take something from this movie, i don't know what. i believe even if you are not religious, you will feel remorse for what this man went through for what he believed. nobody really knows whats on the other side after life, but this is a very good film about Jesus Christ and his life. Mel Gibson is an extremely smart and brave person for making this movie and i respect him a lot for this even if he is a little crazy. an astounding film.

**** ouf of 4
I have come to realize that the majority of the reviews of this film, whether it be actual critics, or just people I've asked personally, all seem to relate to the story being told. I understand that the film is depicting an old tale, with a lot of controversy lying beneath it, but I simply watched this film as it was... a FILM. I am in no way a professional critic, so judge this review how you will, but I think this film was terrible. Any movie with a slow-motion sequence every 2 seconds is just a childish movie (300?). Lighting was great, sound was great, production setup was awesome... but as a film, this movie just wasn't there. You cannot judge a movie by it's relevance to history, unless it's a documentary, of course. If you did, "Gladiator," would have been a cheezy, lame, excuse for a film... as well as "Inglorious Bastards."
There is no good people! Get over it. When we die we become magget food and nothing more.
not for the faint of heart
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