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This movie is one of my childhood favorites. It's funny, charming and somehow never get's old :)
Oh I loved loved loved this movie! perhaps because of this movie I have never stopped liking Lindsay Lohan! It is one of my 'childhood' favourites and I recommend to watch it to this day :-) 9/10
love these movie from lindsay lohan.. i can't stop watching this movie!
i love this movie

Lindsay Lohan

Here is a list of my favorite Lindsay Lohan movies with (rating):

The Parent Trap (1998) 10/10
Life Size (2000) 9/10
Freaky Friday (2002) 10/10
Lindsay Lohan is great in her first role as both British Annie and American Hallie. Her British accent is actually pretty decent. The relationship between the girls, and later with the parents, are very heart-warming. Natasha Richardson plays the British mom and Dennis Quaid plays the California dad, who of course broke up, but still have feelings for each other. Unfortunately, when the girls try to matchmake, the dad is about to get married and wacky hijinks ensue when the girls try to get rid of the new girl in Dad's life.
It has truly been a horrid day for me. Maybe i got out on the wrong side of bed. Maybe my karma is disasterous today. Or maybe its one of those "bad days" where everything you do goes wrong. Lets see how bad a day it was- i forgot to bring my handphone when i went to work today. During my driving lessons today, i so totally screwed up my parking. Its like, i couldn't park into the lane properly even if my freaking life depended on it. I just kept reversing and advancing to no avail. My driving was similarly fucked up today, i kept turning to the outer lane and my concentration was abysmal. Seriously today it feels like i was lobotomised, my brain working on 10% efficiency. And to top it off i was scolded about my hair being too long again. Arrgh, it seems like i have a propensity to screw up today. And if you want an example how i would probably have looked liked today, i would say its how Jake Gyllenhaal would look in Donnie Darko our next movie of the day....

This is the second time i've watched Donnie Darko, so you can refer to my first review on 14 Dec 2003. Rewatching it, i've decided to up the rating to a 9 and rank it higher. In line with my frustrating day, its apt to introduced you to angst ridden teenager Donnie Darko (in a superb performance by Jake Gyllenhaal). He is a (supposedly) schizophrenic, violent prone, sleepwalking who believes that the world is ending 28 days later (no connection whatsoever to the movie "28 days later"). Oh and did i mention that he knows this because his imaginary(or not) friend Frank, a diabolic looking and somewhat cheesy BunnyMan.

Donnie Darko is part a teenage angst film, part Sci Fi, partly philosophical, with a little bit of horror. This is certainly a film that should be watched several times. The first time i watched it, i didn't quite get the ending, but the second viewing makes the oft complicated plot easier to digest. A solid film one that makes the Matrix plae in comparison.

Parent trap and Lion King 1.5 are the kind of movies you watch with yr whole family- something that has mass appeal and which issuitable for all ages. In the Parent trap, Lindsay Lohan, looking much younger that in Freaky friday puts up a solid and exuberant performance.

Both movies are watchable and well, ok, but dont expect anything mind-blowing.
:up: I loved this movie when I was little. I think Lindsay Lohan is a very good actress to act two roles like that and at that age!!! The movie is fun to watch. It kept me busy. Lindsay acted very well, especially how she can fake a british accent so well and then go back to an american accent. I seriously thought there were twins that were doing that until I found out that it was just one kid. It's a great Parent Trap movie.:up:

Rating::fresh: :fresh: :fresh: :fresh: :fresh: :fresh: :fresh: :fresh: :fresh:

From such movies as Mean Girls, to Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, and back to Freaky Friday and The Parent Trap, Lindsay Lohan can't keep a low profile. From her scruff with Hiliary Duff, to her showing off her legal aged body to the world, this girl keeps things exciting.

Commenting on this new section of mine, I will probably be beheaded by my fiancee, so, I hope I can live to see another day!

This girl is definately rated FRESH with a capital "S". ;)
review to come
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