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The Pacifier 2005

Disgraced Navy SEAL Shane Wolfe is handed a new assignment: Protect the five Plummer kids from enemies of their recently deceased father -- a government scientist whose top-secret experiment remains in the kids' house...

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it's working fine on my end.

Love this movie! It's really funny!

United States, 2005
U.S. Release Date: 3/4/05 (wide)
Running Length: 1:35
MPAA Classification: PG (Violence)
Theatrical Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1

Cast: Vin Diesel, Lauren Graham, Faith Ford, Brittany Snow, Max Thieriot, Chris Potter, Carol Kane, Brad Garrett, Morgan York
Director: Adam Shankman
Producers: Gary Barber, Roger Birnbaum, Jonathan Glickman
Screenplay: Thomas Lennon & Robert Ben Garant
Cinematography: Peter James
Music: John Debney
I'm rating this a 7 'cause it was good, but can't rate it higher since it's just a good family fun movie, not good enough to say is for "everyone" or that "everyone SHOULD watch it" or that it trancends that line level that makes it super -- it's not THAT good, just good fun!

It's for Vin Diesel fans that also like family films that may or may not be great films but fun.

Vin is NOT the funny one. He is the dry, as I said he is in previous post, kind of guy ... serious but not too much, just different.

In this case he got to the house of 5 children due to past work and them needing help, and goverment needing him to finding something that was in their house most likely.

I won't give the plot away. It does have a plot. Really it does.

It's not a high-priced film. It didn't have shabby making either though. It's cute.

It's really cute. It works.

Gary the duck is great. The children are great. Vin, wins them over. He "reforms them" he fills in and is needed. He's the right guy to help them over serious problems and be there as a fill-in-parent when needed for that. It's not his nature, but he learns great lessons through the things that happen. The children rise and shine, eventually.

Don't expect great things in this film. Just know that it's a great film for fun, family fun, embarresment, and just good laughs, and a smile going out of the theatre.

Only if you can stand to think about going to the movie after reading my words above -- :)
Quite Corny, no really corny when you think about it
Not nearly so bad as I thought it would be. I never wished my eyes would be gouged out or that I would suddenly go deaf... I actually laughed, and I was really impressed with Vin Diesel's performance (though I wasn't expecting much). Brad Garrett is an underrated actor; he's annoying here in the right way. It definitely hit all the bases it intended to, and my neice thought it was great. I can't fault a kid's movie for being cheesey or silly, because that's what it was trying to be. Overall, definitely a movie I didn't mind taking a kid to.

Rating: 6.5/10
hey I saw The Pacifier last night. I don't know what those critics are talking bout cause that was a awsome movie! The Seth guy was so hot

This was a very cute movie. I would recommend this movie for anyone to see. It made me laugh a lot. The kids were funny. Vin Diesel did a good job in this role. He should play in roles like this more often. Over all "The Pacifier" gets 2 thumbs up from me.
Keeping in mind that this is a Disney and PG-rated movie, I honestly thought that I wouldn't enjoy this movie. And considering that I am a Vin Diesel fan, you can guess that means I thought this movie would suck big time! But I liked it despite my preconcieved notions.

While it was a bit cliched, it still had a decent plot and nice action sequences. Brad Garrett as the mean Vice Principal was rather funny - that is something that I expected. Surprisingly, Vin Diesel was funny as well, and the overall cast was pretty good. And judging from the reaction from the children in the audience, it will be a success with its target audience. The brats were laughing, oohing, awing, and cheering. And so were the adults (yeah, include me in that statement as well!)

May I remind people that a) kid movies tend to tank and b)Kindergarten Cop got panned, even though it's now viewed as a classic?
I quote some of the reviews for that movie:

"Ah-nold and an adorable ferret... a daffy but dandy duo."
"Arnold tries to be funny, but throws punches better than delivering punch lines."
"Watching the kids subdue Ah-Nuld is funny, but much of the film is wildly inconsistent."

Everybody seems to be comparing it unfavorably to KC, but
you could paraphrase the above reviews for The Pacifier, subsituting Gary the Duck for the KC ferret. So who's to say this couldn't become a classic? Pitch Black was unexpectedly a cult hilt. Say what you may about Diesel's acting chops, but his movies do very well on DVDs and have large underground fanbases. There's definitely something there, though I can't always put my finger on it.

The Pacifier isn't Million Dollar Baby and it isn't Lord of the Rings.
Before you have me for lunch because I'm comparing peas and carrots, listen! Those were Oscar-worthy movies. This, obviously, ISN'T. How many kids movies are?

Still don't like that line of comparison? Okay, RE: the School of Rock, whch seems to be another candle critics keep holding Paci up to ... SOR is much more geared toward adults. I wouldn't call it a movie for children. I certainly wouldn't take my kids to see it

Vin has said it again and again: He made this movie so that his young nephews and nieces could see one of his films. He succeeded, and good for him. Paci's fairly dumb, yes. but the theater was full of kids who laughed hysterically and departed grinning. They weren't traumatized by blood and gore, foul language or nudity.

The movie had its good moments and its bad--if I never again see the Peter Panda dance, it'll be too soon, but equally, I wouldn't mind watching another round of Vin changing diapers with a wrench. I might even buy the DVD, to be able to see the scene with him running around in a towel, hiding from the Fireflies.

Are there some awful lines? Terrible deliveries? Yes and yes. Not a great script, not a great performance, but again, it's the moments when it DOES work that I like it.

I didn't feel it was condescending or bland. (That was my opinion of the ever-popular Spykids, btw)

Paci's totally implausible, but harmless. It's warm and fuzzy. What's so bad about that?

Plotless? Basically. Hollywood-soulless? Nah. It's innocent fun. What's the harm? You wanna talk peas and carrots--stop expecting Oscar gold on movies at this level and just enjoy the ride. Or go see something else more worthy of real dissection.
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