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The Omen 2006

A remake of the 1976 horror classic The Omen (1976), an American official realizes that his young son may literally be the devil incarnate...

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Solar rating: 6.2


Imdb rating: 5.5



Not as good as the original, but carries itself quite well considering. 7/10
Yeah it's def. a good watch. Has one scene that'll make ya jump.
ok remake of the original. Don't look for any surprises if you've seen the original. It plays out almost scene for scene. But you just can't beat Gregory Peck in the original.

it was an interesting movie, weird and creepy at the same time it was good though the little boy was scary.


This movie is entertaining with some pretty decent kills. Even at 110 minutes, I was never bored so I say, take 2 hours out of your day (if you like horror films about Satan's spawn) and give it a try.

I am being fairly generous giving this movie a 3 because it is horrific: and not meaning the horrific as in: scary but as in: BAD! This movie was simply terrible and although I have never seen the original I can see why people would hate this one being compared with it. The acting is idiotic and the events that happen in the story are just funny...I laughed many different times during this at the ridiculous things that happened. Nothing about it was good: one of the years worst for sure. If you do decide to see this even after this review then be warned that you may be sitting their laughing at it a lot! 3/10

To me The Omen always was a less than Exorcist. The original IMO was surpassed by the gory sequel Damien. Not that I did not like the original but when I heard a remake was in order I was somewhat excited. That was until I heard it was a shot by shot remake. Hell why remake a film exactly the same?? I mean come on infuse something different that will make it stand on it's own!! Did they do that with this? In some ways yes. I did like the use of the color red throughout and the scary images. It is not as good as the original and made me want to revisit the unmatchable acting of the 70's version. This is not at all scary with only a few scenes to recommend. The extra on the DVD Revelation 666 was morthwhile though.
Another volume of incredibly short reviews:

The Omen - A very stylized, well-shot thriller without any thrills. I really wanted to like this film, but it was neither creepy nor scary. Good direction with a meddling story.

Poseidon - Not as terrible as I was expecting, but still not very good. It might be Titanic-lite, but at least it wasn't suffocatingly long.

Monster House - Enjoyable for kids and adults alike, this splendid little film exemplifies classic animated story-telling with high-brow, spectacular new animation techniques. Unlike many animated films as of late, the work from the actors does not distract from the story, but enhances it with great performances by Steve Buscemi and Maggie Gyllenhaal. I even didn't hate the presence of Jon Heder.

The Prestige - Another clever film from Christopher Nolan with superb performances from all of its A-list cast. I was kind of wishing for a better twist at the very end, but was still pleased by its outcome and the film as a whole.

Why We Fight - A very interesting and extremely relevant look at the motives behind war, paying special attention to President Dwight D. Eisenhower's final address in office. A bit talky, but very well done.
Good horror movie top 10 in my book well written movie.
I have to say; I never saw a reason why the original The Omen had to be remade. Well, I admit that 90% of the time I don't see why ANY older film that is considered well done or even a classic in its genre should be remade, so really why would The Omen be any different. It just seems like the main reason they remade this film was so they could release it on "06/06/06." Whoop-Dee-Do! The kid in this film never achieves the creep out level that the original child actor (Harvey Stephens) did in the original film. Not even close. I almost always like the work done by both Pete Postlewaite and David Thewlis. In this film though they are wasted.

The SFX are really nothing big. Some of the death scenes are elaborately set up but the effects used to execute them (excuse the pun) are nothing advanced or amazing in this day and age. The plot is a modern version of the original film's plot, but it really doesn't give us anything that says, "This is why we wanted to remake this film! They couldn't do THIS back in the day." Even the music score is nothing more than some sound in the background. Honestly, I recommend seeing the original film and not bothering with this remake.
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