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The Notebook 2004

A poor and passionate young man falls in love with a rich young woman and gives her a sense of freedom. They soon are separated by their social differences...

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Imdb rating: 7.9

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I hate 'The Notebook ", sentimental, maudlin rubbish. I watched it only because my wife agreed to wear the catholic schoolgirl outfit afterwards. I got through it by making several visits to the bathroom where I keep a bottle of vodka stashed in the toilet water tank. I would rather remove my own spleen with a rusted ice-scream scoop that watch it again. I hate 'The Notebook'.PS, Ghost sucks too.
Nothing to say about this movie that has not already been said. Women love it for the romance and men love it for the "Romance" they might get after watching it. Personally love this one. 9/10
Great movie 8/10.Does anybody know of a similar Drama that isn't a romantic comedy but that has depth to it?
I don't know why I watch this case even though I know whats happening I still cry my eyes out. I'm the same with Indecent Proposal and the original endless love. I dont know why I do it to myself.
I can't help it I love the films and I guess I'm a sucker for a good love story. Or it maybe that I've never felt love so strong like it and I'm 46 with a 16yr old son xx Out come the tissues sob sob xx
one of my favorite romance films love it !!!
I've never seen this movie until now and i'm glad I finally have. I think it's a good movie.
One of the Best romance Films of all time for sure.. 10/10
awesome good story
my favorite

one of the best movies i have ever seen, it will make you laugh and cry. Rachael McAddams is an amazing actor and fits the role of the young confused young girl looking for love only to realise that she already had it years before. Well worth a watch, even though it is a massive chick flick, anyone could love this romantic with a twist.

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