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The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat 1974

Fritz the Cat may have lost one of his lives in the comics, but in his new movie, he has eight more lives left to go! While his wife screams at him, Fritz lights up a joint and reminiscences about what could have been...

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A little salty not for kids. Adult only but funny

The first comment- your tripping FRITZ it the king----- Smoke a joint then watch it-- prob make more sense to you then.

When Ralph Bakshi adapted Robert Crumbs infamous "Fritz the Cat" comic book for the original movie of the same name back in 1972, it was seen as revolutionary. Taking the art of animation (which had long since become a magnet for children) and returning it to its more adult roots. Filled with sex and violence unlike anything ever seen in an animated movie, that return, however, was in the extreme and "Fritz the Cat" became the first X-rated animated film and became a mainstream cult hit.

Two years later, Robert Taylor picked up the reigns and delivered the obligatory sequel. A vile, nauseating pile of junk, "The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat" follows the continuing exploits of the title character, a feline loser who fancies himself a hipster. We watch how, in various ways, Fritz lost all of his nine lives, each one seemingly bloodier than the next.

Taylor fancies himself a social commentator and attempts to turn the film into a satire on race relations. One of the segments, for example, has the United States government -- ruled by a President who is clearly a Nixon era slam of Henry Kissinger -- forming a political plot to exile black crows by giving them their own state: New Jersey. Sent to New Jersey as a messenger, Fritz sees the decay and the genocide brought on by the crows taking the state over. This so-called social commentary on how western society has created this situation is borderline racist in itself.

Missteps in attempted sociological satire aside, this "Fritz" is still bad. The script is an abomination that should be chopped, burned and then buried. The acting is awful and the animation makes Saturday morning cartoons look like "Fantasia" or "Finding Nemo."

Overall, 'The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat" is a horrendous movie, a flaming piece of garbage that never deserves to be placed before the eyes of an unsuspecting public again.
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While he's zonked out on drugs, Fritz the Cat, Robert Crumb's deviant feline swinger, reminisces about his previous lives in this relatively tame sequel to the 1972 cult favorite. There are some interesting vignettes, notably the scenes in which Fritz pays a visit to unfriendly territory during racial conflict and serves as Adolf Hitler's psychiatrist, but this is mostly flat and uninspired. If you're looking for out-there cartoons, just check out the Ralph Bakshi original.

what can i say about nine lives of fritz the cat
it sucks
ok,this movie is the follow up to the hit x-rated movie "fritz the cat"
i was looking for that on google video and i found this so i downloaded this and watched it
it's just plain weird
from mindless sex scenes to nazi cats it's simply a ridiculous movie that should be burned
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