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The Nightmare Before Christmas 1993

Jack Skellington, king of Halloween Town, discovers Christmas Town, but doesn't quite understand the concept...

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this movie is so great! have not seen it in a few years so just had to watch it again ^^
A classic that can be watched on either Halloween or Christmas. Catchy songs, stunning stop motion animation and it is well directed.
nice film man
I just thought I share my ratings with you.. more entries on the way
Animated masterpiece. Beautiful, wonderfully voiced with incredible music. The imagery is superb and probably some of the best ever done in film.
A littel on the disturbing side, but hey, I'm all up for that.

You can go on and on about what a technical marvel Nightmare is, but the story and the characters make the movie. That and the wonderful work of Danny Elfman whose songs are the one thing you're bound to never forget from the movie. Words like creative and inventive are thrown around all too often, but they belong here in spades. The premise was fantastic then and it still is now. Why did we all not think of how cool it would be if the characters of those holiday specials visited another's world. That being said, what a fucking techincal marvel this movie is. Painstaking animation taking years to complete that was all worth the effort. It's hard to think the film would have been half as cool had it been done differently. The charactes and the sets and everything is just candy.
Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favorite movies ever. I've watched it probably round the 10th time tonight, and it's still enjoyable. I love the story and the characters and the method the way it's created - the stop-motion animation technique. This must have been quite a rough job to create this movie. And how everything rhymes. It's just amazing! And even in German nothing gets lost. I don't think I'll ever get tired of this gorgeous piece of art.
Okay. maybe it ISNT Christmas time as I write this, but after viewing the stop motion masterpiece by the most under appreciated filmmaker in Hollywood Mr.Tim Burton "The nightmare before Christmas" it certainly makes me feel as though it is Christmas.

The film was directed by Henry Selick who later went on to make the dreadful "Monkeybone" and was penned by Burton. It stars Jack Skellington the king of Halloweentown voiced gleefully by Chris Sarandon and with Danny Elfman (Yes, Danny Elfman the composer) doing the singing. Catherine O'Hara as Sara William Hickey, Glenn Shadix and strangely enough, Paul Reubens (Otherwise known as Pee Wee Herman) rounding out the cast.

As I mentioned before, the film is done completly in stop motion and has Burton's signature dark, quirky and cartoony production design. The photography is great and really helps the right atmosphere whether in the gothic Halloweentown or the North Poleish Christmastown. The film is consistetly good in this regard and has enough interesting characters and funny moments to keep the movie entertaining.

The film is basically about Jack, the Pumpkin King Halloweentown who has gotten tired of his usual buisness of frightening people and wants to find something fresh and interesting. He then stumbles upon Christmas town, the center of everything Christmas, Santa Claus included.

Upon seeing this strange new town he automaticly becomes enamoured with it and decides that he should bring this joyous ocassion back to the gloomy citizens of Halloweentown and step in as the new Santa Claus for this year to give Santa a vacation as he says at one point.

Its a simple story that has little to do with any of the heart warming rubbish we usually see in Christmas movies and little of the cheesy scare tactics used in Halloween movies. Its intelligent, witty and has a great cast of characters and locales to make it a classic.

The music and lyrics were done by Danny Elfman famed composer of "Batman" fame who brings enough wit and mad genius to his music but without making you feel that the music is overlapping the story on screen.

A film for the ages, and probably the only Christmas movie I like, I give it a superd 9/10, a first in my humble weblog (Even if it is only my second review)
Wow. This movie pretty much defines awesome. The stop animation is nearly flawless and the characters are wonderful. This is a movie that will continue being enjoyed by everyone until the end of time. True brilliance. Who would have ever thought of Christmas being so awesomely wicked? Amazing.

Nightmare Before Christmas is one huge spectacle of stop motion animation and a very clever story. The fast paced and musical Nightmare Before Christmas is loaded with eye candy, interesting characters and a fun story. The only gripe I have with Nightmare Before Christmas is that was too much of a musical. I usually don't like musicals, so Nightmare Before Christmas is kind of an exception to the rule for me. Still, this is one of my favorite Christmas movies now.
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