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not a great movie
Annie (Scarlett Johansson) graduates college & instead of going to work in her chosen profession she decides to take the summer to get to know herself & takes a job as a nanny for a rich family in New York. She narrates a paper she wrote about her experience as the story moves along. I really enjoyed this movie. I guess this is a chick flick. If you haven't seen it & looking for something to watch, I would recommend it.
"The Nanny Diaries is an amusing, yet forgettable film, with just enough plot to keep it afloat."

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The Nanny Diaries
Featuring: Scarlett Johansen, Laura Linney
The Nanny Diaries is a delightful insight into a nanny's life. It was made very well, however the first few minutes didn't exactly tun me on. ScarJo and Laura Linney worked together well. The Nanny Diaries had a few flaws I must point. Flaw One: It never found its place as a drama or dramedy. And that ScarJo was too careless; she might give a rotten film an Oscar nom. Piff, piff. Laura Linney stood out tremendously. WOW. Best female performance of the year. I officially love her. So, this film is understndably rotten but I found a spark of enjoyment in it that could not be denied. Interesting.

* Yes please to BOTH of you dears... *

Obviously, guys. Obviously. ScarJo PLUS Laura Linney? If you know me, you KNOW I was there opening night, and that I loved it. Two great lead performances, good supporting performances, funny, some neat artistic touches throughout, and overall a GOOD movie that the critics just tore to pieces for no apparent reason. Seems like they thought it was bad compared to the book? Well, I haven't read it, but they need to get a life. Not all movies need to be just like the books, gah. Just...see this movie and have fun.
The Nanny Diaries

Initial Reaction: I wonder what shocking secrets are in these diaries.

Main Characters

Annie Braddock: She's a woman looking for a future. She's played by Scarlett Johansson.

Mrs. X: She's the wife of a rich couple. She's played by Laura Linney.

Mr. X: He's Mrs. X's husband played by Paul Giamatti.

Grayer X: He's their son played by Nicholas Reese Art.

Lynette: She's Annie's best friend played by Alicial Keys.

Harvard Hottie: He's a hunk played by Chris Evans.

Plot Summary

It starts off with Annie going off to visit a company; she wants to be hired by them. However, the interview goes badly when the interviewer asked her, "Who is Annie Braddock?" Annie runs out of the office and thinks about what she really wants to do and who she really is.

That's when the saves Grayer from being run over. Mrs. X is grateful for Annie's heroic deed, and offers her a job as nanny. Why? Because "Annie" sounds like "Nanny", get it?

Annie takes the job, but realizes that it's not what it's cracked up to be: Grayer causes all sorts of trouble, his parents do very little to help raise their kid, and she's distracted by the Harvard Hottie.

She tells all this to her best friend, Lynette. Lynette wants Annie to get out of that job, but Annie can't because she feels attached to Grayer. What's a woman to do?


Main Characters

I like Annie as a woman searching for her identity and purpose in life, but she spends too much time getting the run about from the X's and not enough time searching.

I also like Grayer as a kid caught in a bad family; it's just too bad for the film that Paul and Laura overact their parts.

Lynette and Hottie are bland: she's your average friend and he's just a guy for her to oogle over. SCORE: 5

Supporting Cast

Nothing memorably good or bad about the rest of the cast. SCORE: 5


The scenes in this film feel like time fillers: Annie goes off and does this and that and this other thing, and there's no real buildup of tension. I was wondering if I was watching a drama, a sitcom, a mock documentary, or a half baked attempt at any of the three. The climax isn't that thrilling either. SCORE: 2


Doesn't do much for the family drama/comedy/whatever this film aspires to be. SCORE: 3

Violence Factor

Nothing shocking here: these people rather use their words than their fists. SCORE: 8

Other Moral Issues

I know they tried to show a family in crisis, but that's laid on way too thick -- the father almost never smiles, the parents almost always argue and the kid runs about, confused. These people could use some therapy, but they're too over the top nasty to admit it. SCORE: 4

Final Score (out of 60): 27 % Score: 45%

The plot needs better scenes and structure, and the X's need to be less over the top.
The Nanny Diaries
Starring Scarlett Johansson, Laura Linney, Paul Giamatti, Chris Evans, Alicia Keys, and Donna Murphy.
Directed by Robert Pulcini and Shari Springer Berman. (American Splendor)
Rated PG-13.

I will be buying "The Nanny Diaries" because I think it's a great romantic comedy for the summer! And it's just well done in my book! But, as usual, I am a pushover for romantic comedies! :)
A fun night at the movies. Besides Scarlett Johansson's monotonous narrating, it was entertaining and cute. Laura Linney was spectacular as usual.
Rush Hour 3

I thought The Nanny Diaries would be super cute. And I used to really love Scarlett Johansson ("The Prestige"), but ever since The Black Dahlia, I've started to lose confidence. And Nanny Diaries didn't really assuage my doubts. This film follows Johansson as she graduates from college, freaks out about who she is, lies to her mom and takes a job as a nanny for a super rich family. Laura Linney ("Breach") is beautifully neurotic. But you see where the story is going almost from the minute it starts. Johansson doesn't really have any chemistry with Chris Evans ("Sunshine"), though I'm not sure whose fault that is. Still entertaining fluff, but definitely a rental or a Lifetime movie one day.

I was mostly drawn to A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints because of my unabashed love for both Robert Downey Jr. ("Zodiac") and Shia LaBeouf ("Transformers")., but it turned out to be a pretty good movie. It's a better than average coming of age story told in flashbacks from the grown-up Downey Jr.'s point-of-view. LaBeouf plays the younger version of writer/director Dito Montiel (who also wrote the book based on his own life). The acting is top notch, but, despite the interesting subject, I never felt fully invested. Still worth a watch.
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