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This movie is silly (in a good way), and dated, I would most likely guess. It used to make me laugh and laugh. Not all of it, certain parts involving Tom Hanks and his genius timing and rubber expressions. He is perfectly paired with Shelly Long however, whose comedy skills are also spot on.
I will get around to seeing a new movie, I swear! In the meantime, the fiancee is starting to move her stuff into my house. 18 more days and my life sentence begins!

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My friend Carolyn is helping me write this review. She is pregnant and I think her hormones are affaecting her movie rating ability. Nonetheless, this slapstick 80s comedy delivers . Shelley Long was actually once hot. Tom Hanks is funny as hell. Hijinks galore. Carolynb says the funniest part is when Tom Hanks falls through the floor with the rug surrounding him and he cant get to the door when the workers arrive. That is funny stuff.

Personally I give it a 7.
A cute funny film that will leave you laughing on the floor.
Comedy / Tom Hanks
Hollywood Shuffle, which marked the directing debut of Robert Townsend, is a satire about black stereotypes in Hollywood. Townsend also stars in the film as an aspiring actor who must choose between taking stereotypical African American roles or sticking to his principles. The film is uneven but extremely funny at times. This film is also notable as it helped kickstart the careers of Keenen Ivory Wayans and Damon Wayans.

The Golden Child is a mess of a film that doesn't know what it wants to be basically hoping the enormous popularity of Eddie Murphy (at that time) can rescue it. He can't.

Revenge of the Nerds is a failed attempt at Animal House humor, this time starring a bunch of Nerds. Hugely popular, it spawned a series of sequels.

The Money Pit, starring Tom Hanks and Shelley Long, is a story about a cursed house that relies too much on gags. A failed attempt at slapstick comedy.

Hello Again? Goodbye......
Animal Crackers -- bit of a letdown. some funny bits, some slow points.

The Money Pit -- this one cracks me up everytime. especially the flying turkey, walter stuck in the floor and when walter falls off the roof.
The Money Pit
Directed by: Richard Benjamin

This is one of those 'almost' movies. It has about 10,000 times where it threatens to get really good, but it never actually does.

It's about a bunch of people in their early 20's who are having some difficulty finding their way in the world after College is over. Some are going to law school, some are back with their parents, some are having affairs with their high level bosses, etc. but none of them really knows what they are doing.

A movie like this is destined to be full of sentementality, especially coming out of Hollywood, and I'm OK with that, if it's earned. Unfortunately, this film has the bad habit of going for it just before it might actually earn it, leaving practically every scene that goes for it cringe inducing, or at least disappointing.

It's not all bad. There are some good moments that easily could have lead to better ones, and most of the acting is pretty good. I liked the music, usually, and I guess being one of those 20 somethings who's a litle lost, it made it hard to really hate. It does, after all, have some decent observations about life, and a few statement, (such as Demi Moore's observation "I'm tired. I don't understand why I'm 22 and just so tired," that left me wondering why it hadn't earned the right to explain or expound upon the truth of this statement. If it had, it could have been a very good movie.

I was kinda hoping, given the cast, it would be like a John Hughes type film, The Breakfast Club, but with issues of 20 somethings instead of teenagers.

I should have remembered something: Huges is a talented writer/director. Schumacher is not.

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