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The Mighty Ducks is an awesome family film - as good now as it was when I originally saw it in theaters. The kids are great, and Mark thinks that Emilio Estevez is the sexiest man alive (who is only 5'7''). Emilio is the man for keeping the "Estevez" - all the others are jokes for switching it to "Sheen."

Ducks stick together.
THE NAKED GUN: FROM THE FILES OF POLICE SQUAD! (4.5 STARS)-Staring Leslie Nielson, & A man that was proven NOT GUILTY O.J. Simpson. Im sorry what evidence proved him guilty... thats right none.

HOT SHOTS! (4.5 STARS)-This is a hilarious spoof of Top Gun, stars Charlie Sheen & Cary Elways. Did i mention this is Hilarious.

BLOODSPORT (4 STARS)-I always manage to catch the end on Spike TV. But really thats all you need to see.

THE MIGHTY DUCKS (4 STARS)-This may be the best little league Hockey movie ever. I don't know D2 gives it a run for its money.

ERNEST SAVES CHRISTMAS (4 STARS)-This is my last Ernest review, but I gave it a hell of a run.
'The Mighty Ducks' is an uplifting story about competing, succeeding, losing, and loving the game of hockey. It is the not-so-original story about a coach and his team. The team happens to be a group of annoying children who slide around the hockey rink and who learn what it is like to be the underdog and then succeed through the help of their heroic coach. I found this to be an annoying (the children got on my nerves) film which lacked anything and everything possible to qualify as a decent film. Maybe, if you enjoy the game of hockey and these children do not annoy you, you will enjoy this. I hope you do because I didn't.
The Mighty Ducks (1992): 6/10

The Mighty Ducks
:fresh: I like this movie for it's nice mix of characters.

It is a good family film that has some jokes in the movie for adults as well as children. Typical sort of comedy to go with ice hockey, mainly slapstick sillyness. Fun to watch.

Has a few ups and downs that can be tedious but all in all a good film.

Introduces the characters well with all of their seperate abilities.

The stupid kid with the glasses is the best. Mumbling crap all the way through the movie.
Here's another film rating.

I was shocked when I checked's page for this movie and saw a fresh rating of below 20%. Sure, this isn't super good, high quality entertainment, but I thought it was better than that. I haven't seen this since I was a kid, but I always remember it being great. It was funny, charming, a good moral tale, but I guess that wasn't enough for the critics. Or maybe I just have an extremely cloudy childhood memory. Anyway, I think all kids should see this, and adults will probably have a fine time watching it with them.
This movie is not by any means a bad film. However, this film, is well done. The script was shaky at times, but the cast seemed to fit very well, and the music (mostly Queen songs) were well used. The plot is simple one...bad hockey team, overworking lawyer/ex-hockey player. The lawyer/hockey player gets DUI, must coach the hockey team. I'll try not to spoil the film's plot, though it is basic one, with your predictable, yet heart-warming feeling.


Now this is a MINNESOTA movie!

"I will not quack at the principle."

This movie was made before the North Stars BETRAYED the state.

The only problem I have with it is that the Mighty Ducks professional team SHOULD have gone to Minnesota NOT Anaheim! California got a hockey team before Minnesota or Wisconsin? Ridiculous. Thank goodness the Wild finally came to Minnesota.
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