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The Marine 2006

A group of diamond thieves on the run kidnap the wife of a recently discharged marine who goes on a chase through the South Carolinian wilderness to retrieve her...

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If we just leave the logic behind then we can enjoy this movie more. However, it has all the ingredient of action movie, the car chase, bad villain and a hostage situation.
Wow, this film was pretty crappy. There are numerous problems with the movie and i really didn't like it at all. First and foremost, the action was little and far apart. Most of the movie was comprised of John Cena or the group of villains just running through the woods. The fight scenes were incredibly bad. The cameras were incredibly shaky and horribly angled; making it difficult to see what the hell was going on. You can't complain about Cena's acting in this movie, mainly because there was none. All he did was make this instinctive stare look. The group of villains though, were great. They were the best part of the movie, providing the laughs and one of the few signs of intelligence in this film. The ending was equally horrible, because there was no ending. No explanation of what in the world happened after. I advise against seeing this film unless you want more reasons to hate Cena.

Full review to be added later... maybe.
Ok I may sound crazy but.... here goes...
I have been a Cena fan for a long time, and I was happy to see him in a film.
Kinda following in the footsteps of The Rock.
I love action and the story delivered, John is a very good actor it seems.
I really liked the story, it's not hard to follow at all, which could be seen as a flaw... but It was all about action and finally seeing Cena on the big screen.
I had been waiting 2 years for this movie (ever since there was rumors of it!), and I was not disappointed. It also had a good actiony ending.
Not the most complicated (or best if thats what you prefer) movie in the world but its worth seeing if you want to see John and alot of explosions...

So much action.. and Cena really seems to be a pretty good actor.. plus hes beautiful.. lol.
IDK Go see it and see for yourselves.. I mean it was even good enough for my 10 year old sister , because there was not a really bad sex scene in it, ok there was one part where they are on the bed and he has no shirt and they're kissing... and then right after shes sitting on the coutner with only underwear and a bra on and hes shirtless again and they're making out .. but other than that.. it was really good.
The Marine basically personified the "Action Movie" genre. Muscular guy, hot wife, simple plot, it had everything you would expect to find in a movie.

The main character, John Triton, was played by WWE wrestler John Cena. Anyone who's watched Cena in the ring knows he acts really well, but we didn't get to see that much of his vocal acting in this movie as one would like. He didn't talk often, but, once again, that's not something people in action movies do. From what I could tell, he did well in the fight scenes, but the camera work was really bad (which knocked a point of the rating). He was the best actor as far as fighting goes.

Robert Patrick was also in the movie, as the psychotic diamond theif, Rome. Speaking-wise, he was the best actor in the movie. The T-1000 throwaway joke was pretty nice, and he made a couple of wise-cracks that made you chuckle. Without him, the movie would probably have been a lot worse.

So basically, the movie was exactly what an action movie should be, which is why it got a fairly good rating from me. Cena is no Arnold or Rock, but I still liked the movie better than See No Evil.
John Cena plays John Triton a Marine who loves being a Marine who can't be a Marine because he disobeyed orders to save his fellow Marines from terrorists. So having left the Marines, he tries to work as a security guard but is fired on his first day for being a tad too violent.

The new job wasn't important to him though because he really just loved the whole Marine thing. I know this not because I picked up on any subtle nuances or visual cues. I know this because he just says it out right. In fact, pretty much every character says everything. To quote The Robot Devil, "You can't have characters say how they feel. That makes me angry!"

John decides to go on a vacation with his wife, Kate (Kelly Carlson), where at a gas station she is kidnapped by psychotic diamond thieves and John is determined to save her himself. It's not surprising that he feels the need to do so, considering the total lack of competence by every law enforcement officer in this flick.

A lot of repetitive dialogue happens. Kelly Carlson gets beat up a few times and even pistol whipped at one point but it doesn't even smudge her make-up. John Cena eats more punches than he dishes out and then there's millions of explosions.

Well, to be honest, I can't say there's millions of explosions because I just lost count of how many there were. It's probably it's safe to say there was one about every six minutes. No real reason for half of them, but I'm guessing the production crew wanted to get the most out of their pyro dollar.

The good: John Cena does a decent job for his first film, Kelly Carlson is fun to look at, a couple of the coming attractions were entertaining.

The bad: The writing, the directing, the editing.
Let's all be very honest here. No one is really clicking on the link that reads "The Marine - Review" in hopes of a reflective discussion on the quality of a film starring WWE wrestling star, John Cena. Not one single person is searching the internet for a "good" review of this film. No one expects a 10 out of 10 rating from me. And they certainly won't get it. We've laid it all on the table: The Marine is an awful movie. It's the worst type of trite. Skip seeing this in the theatre and wait a week or two before taking a trip to your local video stores' bargain bins.

But, who was expecting anything better?

You don't see movies like this in order to ponder over the dialogue's hidden meanings and thematic elements present in the undertones of the final act. You grab a bucket of popcorn, a large soda, and you sit back and lower your IQ about fifty points.

But, onto the actual review portion of The Marine. It was bad. Fine. That's a given. But, there were a few moments that were genuinely funny and impressive. There were actual moments where I perked up and took notice. The story is simple, methodic, and completely predictable, as we follow John Triton as he is honorably discharged from the Marines against his will and pushed into blue collar work. John returns to a world in which the only way he can feel complete is by taking a job as a local security officer for a local high-rise office building.

Unfortunately, trouble follows Triton on a family road trip as his wife, played by the beautiful Kelly Carlson, is kidnapped by a gang of diamond thieves and he is left for dead in a cyclone of fire and debris. Got all that? Well, get used to seeing Cena covered in wreckage and fire. It happens a lot. Soon after this chaotic scene of explosions, car chases, and gun fire we are swept into an elaborate chase as John Triton attempts to save the woman he loves.
One stroke of genuis about The Marine was the casting of Robert Patrick as Rome, the leader of the motley gang of criminals. You might remember Patrick from a little film called Terminator 2 where he played a small villian role entitled T-1000. Either way, Robert Patrick pulls off a "Christopher Walken" by acting just crazy enough for us to actually enjoy the hokey dialogue and feel comfortable laughing ever so often.

John Cena is monosyllabic in his role, though I think he looks the part of the "action star", and so you will probably see him again somewhere down the line. You have a hard time believing anyone can be punched in the face by John Cena and still have a certain amount of fight left in them. The man is huge.
Though the script is formulaic, the plot moronic, and the acting sub sub-standard there are splashes of clever entendres and an almost discomforting wit. Surprising, I know. For instance, one character who details their distaste of rock candy due to a horrifying situation at a childrens camp involving sexual abuse is followed by a quick sound clip of the very familiar theme music from Deliverance. There are flashes of dark humor throughout the script that seem extremely out of place.

It makes you wonder; is The Marine an elaborate joke? Are we involved in a satirical display? As far as I know, that'd be giving the cast and crew too much credit. Though there are bits and pieces worth seeing, The Marine stands as another failed attempt at reconstructing the action genre. The picture is a mess.
But, who was expecting anything better?

Let's all be very honest here. No one is really clicking on the link that reads "The Marine - Review" in hopes of a reflective discussion on the quality of a film starring WWE wrestling star, John Cena. Not one single person is searching the internet for a "good" review of this film. No one expects a 10 out of 10 rating from me. And they certainly won't get it. We've laid it all on the table: The Marine is an awful movie. It's the worst type of trite. Skip seeing this in the theatre and wait a week or two before taking a trip to your local video stores' bargain bins.

But, who was expecting anything better?

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From the opening scene, I felt like I was back in the 80s with Schwarzenegger, Stallone, Lundgren, Segal, Weathers, and/or Van Damme. This had that same generic action film feel. Basically, what I am trying to say is, I was in heaven. I miss a good old action movie every now and then. This felt that way. I was ready for the next Stallone. I was hoping that Cena could maybe franchise on this and become the next Rambo. Read below for my results.

It opens with John Triton, John Cena, in Iraq at a terrorist camp. He is there to do some reconnaissance for the Marines. The bad guys have three American troops tied and bound and ready to be slain. Triton is told to wait for the back-up to show. Of course, there is no time, and he goes in alone, just like Jack Bauer in season four of 24. He takes out 7 or 9 hostiles in his saving of the 3 troops. Cut to a weight room scene in Germany. Triton is then honorably discharged because of his service, but discharged nonetheless for disobeying a direct order. So, we see him come back to his home in South Carolina to his beautiful wife Kate, played by Kelly Carlson of Nip/Tuck fame.

Now, Robert Patrick enters the film as sociopath Rome. He is the leader of the 5-member posse of jewel thieves. They rob a jewelry store of multi millions of dollars in diamonds. It is a very elaborate and fun robbery. They then proceed to blow up a police car and escape.

Back to Triton. John goes to work as a security guard at a building. After an obvious confrontation, he is fired and the fight is caught on tape. He and his wife decide to go on a road trip to try and help him acclimate to the civilian life.

Now, here is where the story is pure eighties. While the Triton family is filling up their Lincoln Navigator's gas tank, the band of thieves show up at the same gas station to fill their gas tank. A police cruiser Camero shows up. The bad guys get jumpy, and kill them. This prompts John to try and save his wife, but he his knocked down. The bad guys steal his Navigator and his wife. They also blow up the gas station; the only survivor is of course John, somehow. John calls the police on the trashed cruiser's CB radio. He then goes into pursuit of the robbers. After a fun, but kind of ordinary, car chase, they think that they have killed Triton. But you can't kill Triton. A humorous reference to The Terminator which Patrick was part of the sequel was made. That was probably the only funny line in the movie. A few were uttered by Rome, but Morgan's, another of the posse, were just plain awful.

More action ensues, more explosions, more fights, and more weird and pointless story lines. They attempted a plot twist, but it was obvious. More humor was attempted, but again, not funny. In the climactic finale, Triton jumps onto a semi truck cab being driven by Rome. Kate is handcuffed to the truck cab in the back. After being driven through a few buildings, Triton finally loses his grip. But that doesn't stop him. Rome dives out of the semi as its plummets into the lake with Kate trapped inside. After a five minute, terribly awful and unbelievable fight, Triton jumps in and gets her out. Attempts CPR, but Rome is not dead yet. He attacks Triton like the final villain in Die Hard. Luckily, Kate is revived and the day is saved.

Now, I know that I used the word "unbelievable" up the above paragraph. I know that there is a lot more in this movie that is unbelievable, but, when watching this movie, I have a certain amount that I let slide. But in the end, it pushed that limit too far. I would have given this movie a 7, maybe even an 8 if it were not for the terrible finale. There were other factors that I left out as to why I rate this movie as low as I did. I typically like action movies. I especially like mindless action movies. But I had high hopes for this, and it fell short. Cena as an actor was not that great, but that was not shocking. Unfortunately, this was not in the same league as Predator, Rambo, Under Siege, or even Time Cop. But for a first go at it, not too shabby. My verdict: Rent it if you want to, but it is not worth $10. I only paid $4 because I found a theater that has early matinee prices on Saturday and Sunday.
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