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The Man with the Golden Gun 1974

Bond is led to believe that he is targeted by the world's most expensive assassin and must hunt him down to stop him...

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A guilty pleasure for me. Britt Eckland is gorgeous, and it's probably my second favorite of the Roger Moore Bonds, with The Spy Who Loved Me in first.
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Angelina Jolie plays the vixen, Billy Bob Thornton the quiet strange guy, John Cusack the sarcastic lead and Cate Blanchett is the housewife.
Perhaps that's why it all seems so familiar.
James Bond's Ruthless Rival!

The Man With the Golden Gun (1974)

Christopher Lee is just too cool of an actor for me to not enjoy this movie. The difference between this movie and the previous Bonds is that this one is pretty much just a personal movie for Bond instead of some type of world domination or drug scheme. Nick Nack was a cool henchman. I used to watch him as Tattoo on Fantasy Island as a kid so that was cool to see him in this movie. Christopher Lee is of course a very distinguished actor but after seeing him as Count Dooku and Saruman it's really cool to see him as another great villain and at a much younger age. I just thought this was kind of a unique installment in the Bond series.
James Bond: This never happened to the other fella.

Q: Right. Now pay attention, 007. I want you to take great care of this equipment. There are one or two rather special accessories...
James Bond: Q, have I ever let you down?
Q: Frequently.

James faces his ruthless,vicious rival.
Watched this on Thanksgiving. I love James Bond movies. This is the one with the little midget which is aways a winner. And the kung foo fighting is good. Considering the year.
James Bond is up against his vicious rival.
A very interesting story with good plot twists and nail-bitting suspense. 'Golden Gun' is a non-formulaic Bond-movie, which is not only a breath of fresh air but very original in comparison. Plus, it still manages to retain all the essential elements of action, humor, and sex appeal.
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