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The Lost Medallion: The Adventures of Billy Stone 2013

A man who stops into a foster home to drop off some donations soon tells the kids a story about two teenage friends who uncover a long-lost medallion that transports them back in time...

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they talk a little too much about god ..Watchable but not that good
The Lost Medallion: The Adventures of Billy Stone is a faith based children's book and movie written by Bill Muir. The Story revolves around Billy Stone (Billy Unger) and Allie (Sammi Hanratty) as amateur archaeologists who find a long lost medallion belonging to an ancient tribal king.
putlocker goes thur the whole movie... and very good story line just have little patience and listen u will understand it
This could have been good, but it's not. Bad acting. Stopped it 20 mins into the film.
The Lost Medallion: The Adventures of Billy Stone (2013)
Archaeologist Dr. Michael Stone looked for the lost medallion his entire life, and now his son Billy has taken up the search. Amazingly, the medallion ends up in Billy’s hands and a spontaneous wish in a precarious situation takes Billy and his best friend Allie, back 200 years to what they realize is a very different Aumakua Island.
With no other way to get home, and the well being of the entire island resting on his shoulders, Billy must discover the key to reclaiming the medallion and its tremendous power.
One way or another, this adventure will change Billy, and life on the island, forever.
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