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It was fun enough. The whole thing was rather clumsy though. At times, it seemed like the actors were saying the lines for the first time. The film is a bit in the style of R.E.D. but not nearly as slick.
So nothing memorable, but it's ok.
Pretty fun action flick with a great cast. Doesn't take itself too seriously and is executed very well. Should get a sequel but most of the actors are busy with Marvel studios now ^^
Much Better than I expected ... Worth the watch !
I honostly didnt expect too much from this movie, just plenty explosions and gunfights. Well, I was right .. and absolutelly wrong at the same time. The movie is packed with explosions and gunfights but it surelly does not end there, it actually has a story, some twist and they even pulled open a can of humor. Great watch, bit of a spoiler but since it has already been given away, I do also hope this will get a sequel.
Specially liked the plane-scene, somewhat predictable, but still very nicelly done.
Oh, and before I forget .. duct tape rules! ;)
It was awesome.
If you say that kind of things I have nothing else to say, thanks -.-
yes sequel would be nice ... funny good played little extreme some sense but funny... worth the watch maybe worth twice the watch 10/10 oh good cast....
A great flick. Hase action, humor, friendship, a little romance, a little of drama and betrayal.... the music is fabulous and goes with the action scenes perfectly. Kudos to this film that I originally went in thinking would be just so-so, but came out wanting more.... it never bores me each time I watch.... in one word, it is "FUN!!!!" :)
i enjoyed th' 'ell outta that.. thought it would be juvenile but it was better presented than others of its genre.. i like that jeffrey dean morgan.. he plays well with olga in MAGIC CITY, too.. @TankGirI - what she said.. (why is "reply" printin' a cap "I" for an "l" in her call sign?).. i hit morgan's name in "cast" - looks like there are some possibilities for additional good flicks with him.. i'm goin' in.
Not bad... IMAO 6/10. A kind of vitaminic A-Team, sometime excessive, sometimes funny. More or less: a movie for kids. TY!
This movie was great. Wish there was a sequel.
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