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So, LOTR3 has opened over the weekend in a few theaters around our great American Midwest I attended the world premiere in Topeka, Kansas in Aud. 3 of the South Street ABC Theater. There was a quite crowd, at the theater I mean, they were lining up to see Ecks vs. Sever II. There wasn't as much enthusiasm or people in Aud 3...only about 5 other critics...mostly from local high schools and community colleges. The director, I think his name was Pete Jackerson, made a special appearance to answer questions and make sure no one left the screening before the film ended. Aside from that he just sat in the back row smoking cheap cigarettes and cussing to himself. There was some technical issues with the projector so we sat around in the dark looking at our feet and passing gas while some idiot kid tried to sort things out. Finally, the film started and its first major flaw became quite evident. B&W is not the ideal choice for a wanna-be fantasy epic. I realize this Jacobson fella was trying to be innovative but B&W is a little much. Especially, that high contrast, grainy kind of B&W. The B&W isn't the half of it though, not only did Jackerson decide to skip color he also decided to forgo sound! Very odd indeed. I highly doubt that sound really would have made much difference though, since it appears Jack decided to cut out the plot too. Quite simply, the characters didn't do anything! They just stood around looking at each other for hours! HOURS! Well naturally it all became rather boring, rather fast! It was like a Dungeon and Dragons meets Waiting for Godot! The only variation of this insanity was when one dude in the audience flipped out and tried to make a break for the door. Damn, for all his flab that Pete fella is fast! Quick as a cat he pounced on the guy and flung him back into a seat. Fortunately, the movie ended before further violence broke out. To conclude, this movie sucks big time. Only see this film if you hate life and you want to leave it in the most painful way possible.
This is so cool, I just bought my Return of the King ticket for Dec. 17th 12.30pm.
I also downloaded some tracks of the score, which is on sale since yesterday and I can tell you it's excellent...Howard Shore did an awesome job on composing it.

im so psyched aboot seeing the last installment of LOTR

so if anyone else is in LA and is watching the extended version of LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring @ 3:30 at the arclight... i'll see ya there!
Hope this still works...
I'll have full review up in the morning, just thought I'd tease you :p
huh. huhuhuhuhuh. huh. hehehe. he.

O final quase perfeito para uma trilogia que deixa marca na hist
I work at a local theater, so I had the pleasure of watching Return of the King Sunday night. It was a pleasure. I got to view Two Towers by myself in an empty theater in advance, and it happened again. That is part of the thrill, because it hasn't been released yet.

Anyhow, the movie was really good. I'm one of those fanboys who gets upset that it isn't exactly like the book, which is alright because it was good anyhow and it would be impossible to have all the detail as the books did without breaking it into 6 movies, and even then it would suck becasue it would be drawn out without action.

The best parts of the movie are (and keep in mind spoilers are ahead): Gandalf and his interaction with Denethor, Legolas and his kick ass scene with an oliphant, and Eowyn (sp?) and her battle with the Witch King.

I found myself wondering if everything was like the book. Some things I remember, but some things I don't, so when I couldn't remember, Jackson's take sufficed because I didn't know the difference... if that makes sense.

Here are some things I didn't like, and notice that most of them are very minor, so that tells you how good the movie is: there was no scouring of the shire, which we all knew already, but I missed it, Peter Jackson put his retarded kids in the movie AGAIN and that is just annoying I'm not sure why, um... there were rhino type animals in the movie, but i don't remember reading about them, and there is no prince imrahil. All of these are minor, so it is no big deal.

The best part scene of this movie though is the Battle of Pelenor fields. You feel the horror when the Nazgul's beasts shreak and the magnitude of the battle as the rocks fly. It is great.
No film can be perfect for everyone, but this comes close! Peter Jackson found a way to convert a complex and layered story into a movie masterpiece. It could have been done a thousand different ways and still not everyone would be satisfied. This was the best shot and will be hard pressed to be surpassed. Chronicles of Narnia, Star Wars Episode III, the next Harry Potter movie have a new bar
Well I just returned from the first show of LOTR and it ROCKED!
I haven't read the books so I don't know how you readers will react. Despite its
respectable length the film moves very fast, the battle of Minas Tirith is the
most epic battle I've ever seen and it's shot in a much more sophisticated way than Helms Deep was.

For the ladies: Orli does have his own moment in the battle and it earned a
huge ovation! I shall sy no more...

Gollum is done even better than in TT, his facials, his watery eyes - brilliant!
And Shelob was postively digusting!!! EWWWW, I'm not suqeamish, but I think
I'll have nightmares tonight!

Overall I think it's my favorite of the trilogy. Don't miss it!
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