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The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring 2001

A meek hobbit of the Shire and eight companions set out on a journey to Mount Doom to destroy the One Ring and the dark lord Sauron...

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As someone who tried to read the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings in the mid-70's and never able to finish I surprised myself in being excited to see this when it was announced, even after watching the dreadful animated version from the late 70's.

Jackson gets everything right, from the first frame, as I believe I am in The Shire from the landscape to the people to the atmosphere it all fits.

I believe the friendship of the 4 hobbits and I feel the necessity to run when the wraiths appear. The pace is steady yet always seems to be going uphill as the movie progresses from the meeting of Aragorn, to the quest, to the race through the Mines of Moria, and eventually when the Fellowship is separated into two parties. The story is allowed to develop at an appropriate speed yet the visuals and special effects, while ground-breaking, never detract from the story, in fact they only enhance it.

Only the most jaded of people did not wish that the next part of this series was not coming out in the next week and we all wished that a time-machine was available so we could see part 2 and not have to wait a year to see it.
Unbelievable adaptation of the book trilogy I read and enjoyed as a youngster. Great, great movie.
This is the worst movie in the trilogy. I found it to be very boring in parts, but when the action hit, it was awesome. I don't like how this movie doesn't really end. I know there are still two other movies, but it is like this "episode" doesn't really end. It is like a season finale, trying to leave off with a cliff hanger and that is why I don't like this as much as the other ones. Not saying this is bad by any means.
The first movie of the trilogy, starring Elijah Wood as Frodo the Ring holder.

I find this movie probly the more boring of the two, although a great movie it lacked action through it, although when there was action is was great but also it is a bit far fetched at parts even without the orks and wizards.

It shows how man worships power and does anything to get it, with the ring being so powerful you see how they People want it so bad.

With a fellowship of 9 started to take the ring to the firey pits of mordor for it to be destroyed, Soon into it you see which characters are going to stir trouble, And the ones which people will find brilliant of how they bring some amount of comedy into it with little arguements between Gimli and Legolas

Great film of 3.
This first installment of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, it's definitely the weakest (in a good way). Like with many good trilogies, the first installment tends to be the weakest, since as the trilogy goes on, the movies get better. This is definitely a great movie.
The way things were directed, interpreted and presented were great. Probably will be the best presentation of the Lord of the Rings ever, and the closest to the writings.
Sure, they missed some great characters from the books, but it still was a great job. I especially liked the creation of the Uruk character, Lurtz. Awesome!
The best of the three films but it is repetitive and some of the characters are annoying to watch. It is like they have picked a dozen ja ja Binks to act in the film.
Overhyped and over produced, the digital technolgy will make it look like sinbad in a few years.
Its been many years since an action epic has enthralled and mezmorized not only myself but the world as has began here in fellowship, stunning imagery, brutal fights and honest emotion of adiction, love and friendship. Fellowship succeeds.
Lord of the Rings is a great movie with excellent acting from the cast, great special effects and superb directing by Peter Jackson. The fight scenes are outstanding and are far better than I expected as originally I anticipated they would be cheesy and pathetic somewhat like the TV Series Romes fight scenes were like.
Excellent all around and well deserving of the 96% rating given by the RT community.
The Fellowship of the Ring is an excellent movie, and though it does not have as many action scenes or epic battles as the following 2 LOTRs, it serves as a perfect opening for the story (not to mention superb acting by every character).
Very good film. Story, Action, Acting, Scenery, Effects; All were used to just the right amount. I can't say anything about this film.
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